Gmail: 3 Tips to Free Up Storage in Google Mail

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Gmail is the most popular email service in the world, with more than 1.5 billion active users, according to Google Tools records in 2020. For this reason, it is not uncommon to think that the inbox of any email within the platform, especially some companies, can be It turns into a “disaster”. Chaos and the sheer number of unread conversations are heroes.

Given this reality, it is important to have continuous methods of cleaning mail that allow not only to get more space inside Gmail but also to maintain demand for increased productivity within this virtual tool.

Infobae offers three tips for getting rid of emails that no longer serve Or they simply take up necessary space for new conversations in Gmail. It must be remembered that all “tricks” can only be performed from the PC version.

As unimportant as it may seem, emails with very information-heavy arrive in Gmail every day, thanks to the attachments sent with the email body. (photos, documents, videos, etc.)This mostly goes unnoticed and takes up the small 15 GB space that Google offers for free.

To counteract this problem, there is only one option: Removal; Gmail offers an easy-to-use tool for this task.

1. First you have to find the search bar located at the top of the inbox. There, on the right side, an arrow will appear when you click on it, It will display a series of options for locating specific conversations within the email.

Photo: Gmail
Photo: Gmail

2. In this case, what should be of interest is the choice size and subcategory more than. Here you can choose the size of the emails you want to search, whether in megabytes, kilobytes or bytes.

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3. Finally, choose the time interval you want (it is recommended to search for files that arrived last year), choose the option Contains attachments and click Search. The page will load and return all files that match the search filters.

4. Now all you have to do is select it and Removal.

Spam is another folder that generally goes unnoticed, because emails that reach this section are considered for people “not important”. If Google refers them to “punishment”, it must be because they have nothing to offer. However, while this assessment may be valid, it is also true that even though these emails are not relevant, they occupy a space that can fill in more important information.

Therefore, it is better to go to the spam folder and select all the emails. This is done with the help of The box that appears just below the Gmail search bar, choose the option everything. To finish, simply click on the icon in the form of a trash can to delete the selected files.

Photo: Gmail
Photo: Gmail

As mentioned earlier, Gmail has a capacity of 15GB in its free version; More than enough capacity for anyone regardless of their mail workflow. However, this ability is not only for Gmail files, but is shared with a couple of other Google tools: drive and pictures.

It is useless to delete heavy emails and empty the spam box, if there are still documents in Drive and photos, which, unnecessarily, take up vital space.

Thus, it is necessary to take a tour of these two Google apps and correct this information (documents, videos or photos) that are no longer relevant. After the “walk” you will surely come across some things that you no longer need but that you have completely forgotten about.

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This way, you will keep your storage space organized and maximize your productivity.

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