From an illegal immigrant in the US to the best professional boxing coach, Eddie Renoso

Eddie Renoso He is undoubtedly one of the best professional boxing coaches, Suffice to mention that it was Awarded Coach of the Year 2019 by the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA), By the World Boxing Council (WBC), by the World Boxing Organization (WBO), ESPN y Ring Magazine. Your main goal is to build boxing champions.

However, before helping build the success of characters such as: Saúl “El Canelo” lvarez, Andy Ruíz, Oscar “Chololo” Larios, Oscar ValdesReynoso, among other things, in addition to building his own success, faced many difficulties that led him to cross the border illegally.

In an interview with ESPN, Eddie recounted that he had never imagined living a life full of victories and successes in his gym like the ones he had achieved so far: I have always imagined myself to be someone in life and in sports. I have loved boxing so much since I was little. Now I’ve done well, I feel lucky and more than anything I want to leave a legacy and learn to everyone that everything is possible. “

On the other hand, he explained the pride he feels After that he was illegal in the United States and is now reaping victories and becoming one of the best coaches: “I entered illegally and then passed and immigration officials ask me for signatures and they ask me when we will fight. He confirmed that this fills me with pride.”

Canelo Alvarez and Eddie Renoso during a training session (Photo: Instagram / canelo)

Edison Omar Renoso Sandoval, better known as Eddie, was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco on November 6, 1976, from a young age his passion for boxing was. He started the fight as an amateur only to realize later that what was happening I really wanted to be a professional trainer.

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Without a doubt, effort and analysis are the key to his success because after every fight, he has Eddy Reynoso The habit of telling boxers that you have trained to evaluate the highlights and what you still need to work on. He has it all in writing, since he trained his first fighters in Guadalajara, when he hadn’t negotiated millionaire contracts, and he couldn’t have imagined that he would be transported to a boxing gym in a fancy sports car and not in a truck.

Every experience for every fight recorded in the file. In fact, the habit led him to create his own museum in an office that, in his home in Jalisco, had magazines and books.The brothers of boxers who formed the basis of his boxing school.

Canelo Alvarez, J Balvin and Eddie Renoso, after the fight (Photo: Instagram / Canelo)
Canelo Alvarez, J Balvin and Eddie Renoso, after the fight (Photo: Instagram / Canelo)

“I have notes for 12 years. One of the oldest ones, when he was preparing El Chololo Larios. Or every time Kanelo fights, I always email him to let him know what’s good at fighting, But if something happens, be it while preparing or on tour, I always try to make a simple summary. I am working on the book, and I don’t yet know what to call it. You have to make numbers, notes and things that people do not see, but which are important for the development of the hero. “

Also, Renault is sure From the work he has done with one of the most successful boxers of the moment, Canelo Alvarez. Eddie is confident of his progress over time and after defeat by Floyd Mayweather. In fact, he claims to be ready to do so in front of Saunders.

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“Canelo at that time is very different from now and Saunders is not Mayweather. He concluded that it will be a tough fight but in the end the quality and strength of the .l Sa must prevail.

With information from ESPN

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