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Mexico City has been selected to shoot a new international film. Its wide streets and massive buildings will soon see a new story told on the big screen. Preparations in the city have already begun, so the casting of additives for such a production is at the recall stage.

Mexico City is preparing to welcome large-scale international filming once again, generating huge expectations among artists, professionals and fans of seventh art for the populous Mexican capital.

The landing of the artistic and technical teams of one of the largest film production companies in the United States is imminent, as filming will take place in the Federal District in the coming days: according to the official calendar, it will be in August and much more. September.

This city that has hosted great cinematic stories such as Frida (2002), Man on Fire (2004), 007 Specter (2015) and of course the award-winning Rome (2018) of Alfonso CuarĂ³n, among others, is now gearing up to welcome a new cinematic act that promises to make a splash. on billboards in the coming years.

Although more cannot be said about the film itself, it can be emphasized that the search and recruitment of additional employees is already active. The assignment is in charge of the prestigious Julio Toledo Extras Casting Agency, which holds its credit collaborations with giant Hollywood labels such as Universal Pictures or Paramount Pictures.

The recruitment of additional actors for this international film focuses on foreigners up to the age of 70, both men and women and also children from 7 to 15 years of age, with American features, and the research covers both blonde Anglo-Saxon profiles as well as Afro-descendants and Asians.

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Returning to filming, it will take place as previously said between August and September of this year, and places in the United States such as Florida, Houston and Wisconsin will be recreated in Mexico.

For actors who are looking for opportunities to grow or simply for all readers who are interested in participating in this adventure and who meet the above requirements, if they wish to participate in the making of an international film, the agency extends the call for registration to casting.

It is carried out by filling out a small form with your personal data at the link: (the official website of the Julio Toledo Agency). You will then be asked for a photo for the recording, which will be kept until you are contacted once the first stage of casting begins.

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