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The WhatsApp-if you-don’t-update-lose-what-most-value-20220228-0029.html “target=”_blank”> The WhatsApp It always updates the security of its software so that users have a better experience in the instant messaging app. Although many mobile phones a few months ago could not use the application, now Meta will close the accounts of users who have certain specific features on their mobile phones.

The date set by the company Mark Zuckerberg It’s March 31. On that day, the program will close the accounts of many users who break company rules. The WhatsApp-what happens-if-we-don’t-accept-before-6-20211103-0121.html “target=”_blank”> The WhatsApp Will change the privacy policies for useThe WhatsApp-What happens-if-we-do-not-accept-before-November-6-20211103-0121.html “target=”_blank”> , so people must adapt to the demands expressed by the new rules.

The main reason for Changes to Privacy Policies The consequences of closing offending users’ accounts are related to the fact that Meta wants to have greater control over the content and files that are transferred between people in the app.

Reasons for closing your account The WhatsApp

One of the reasons the company will close your account is to have a cell phone that uses fake or modified apps, which are based on the application software, but do not actually belong to Meta. These applications can often be found in a file Google Play Storebut they were not made by the developers of the original software. An example of this type of application isThe WhatsApp-Plus-the-trick-to-download-YouTube-videos-from-the-app-20220314-0048.html “target=”_blank”> The WhatsApp In addition to the like.

The app will also close the accounts of people who have not used the instant messaging service or who have not logged in for more than 120 calendar days.

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Another reason to cancel by WhatsApp is Sharing software or malware, as well as viruses or software that may harm other users. Also, if we send false news or Spam messages The application will be blocked and we will not be able to use it.

The WhatsApp You can also cancel our app If other contacts block us. In this sense, it is important that we make sure that users do not block us for any reason.

How to block our user from The WhatsApp If our cell phone is stolen

In the event that our cell phone is stolen, we can follow some steps so that we can get our account back. The WhatsApp. We will have to report the theft to our cell phone company so that they block the phone with the IMEI code and also block the SIM card, so that the associated number becomes unusable.

Then we must request a new SIM card from the company that provides us with cell phone service and we must open a session on a new device.

Another option is to contact the company through their support email (supportwhatsapp.com). In the letter we must write “Lost/Stolen Phone”. Then add: Please deactivate my account And type our cell phone number with the code +54. Finally, we must reactivate the account 30 days in advance.

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