For the first time, Pope Francis went to a television studio to give an interview to an Italian programme

Pope Francis was on a TV show in Italy

he Pope Francisco On Saturday, he visited the studios of the Italian channel TV opinion in Rome for Interview with the program of the Italian Episcopal Conference “In His Image”. As reported by the local press, this is the first time that the Supreme Pontiff has agreed to write a report in this way.

Francis gave several television interviews but always received journalists at the Vatican. This note from opinion It was due in March, but was postponed because the pope was hospitalized with a respiratory infection.

Visit the production center opinion From Saxa Rubra it started around 2:20 p.m., when The white Fiat 500 popemobile has arrived I was applauded by the TV network staff.

news agency I forget Explain that The interview was recorded on Saturday but will be broadcast on June 4.

The Pope spoke with journalists and various guests of RAI’s program “In His Image”.

“The presence of Pope Francis at RAI studios is a historic event for the company and a moment of great significance and importance. The Holy Father has the power to reach the hearts of all of us, believers and non-believers, with his extraordinary compassion, the strength of his message and universal values ​​such as peace, love and inclusion. Series President Marinella Soldi and Managing Director Roberto Sergio said. In a statement, “We will remember this moment with genuine affection.”

Francisco resumed his activity schedule on Saturday, The day after their appointments were canceled due to a fever.

Pope held several private meetings throughout the day, including with visitors from Georgetown University who were in town for a conference with a Jesuit-run magazine. according to VaticanThe conference was attended by many poets, writers and film directors from all over the world, including the director Martin Scorsese And his family.

Photo of Pope Francis with journalists and staff of the Indian Press Agency (Vatican Media)

The Vatican’s confirmation of the 86-year-old pope’s fever woke him up Take care of your health.

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The last time he had a fever, in March, he was taken to Gemelli Hospital in Rome, where he was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. He was then given intravenous antibiotics and released from the hospital three days later. This was the second time he had been admitted to Gemelli. The first was on July 4, 2021, when it was colon function He remained in the hospital for ten days. The pope also suffered from a problem with his right knee that forced him to walk with a cane or a wheelchair and he confirmed on several occasions that he did not want to undergo surgery.

As reported by the Vatican, The Pope will preside over the Pentecost mass on Sunday On Monday, he will meet Italian President Sergio Mattarella.

With information from the AP

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