The rarest version of GTA V has a manufacturing defect

A toy that can become a collector’s item over time.

Rockstar has been using the same grid cover pattern since GTA III

There are versions of games that, because of age or state of preservation or some idiosyncrasy of design, come to be revalued at flea markets or collector’s markets, we don’t know if that’s been the case with this version of a Rockstar game for a few years, but it sure is The rarest version of GTA V What will you see today? And all thanks to a manufacturing defect.

There are fewer and fewer games coming to the stores at physical form Given the production costs it generates, however, GTA V is one of those that hasn’t hit the shelves in the nearly 10 years since the game has been on sale. With over 180 million games sold, you can see that once upon a time they were in a hurry and A game came out with the wrong cover printed.

The rarest cover for GTA V

This may be the first time you see a similar case but sometimes games that reach stores have a manufacturing defect because they are things that happen in any process. In this case, as a user of the Reddit forums, it’s about A physical copy of GTA V for PS4 with the cover printed wrongly. Well, it is well printed, however Badly cropped. paying off:

Sealed typo you don’t see it every day.
byU / Demcanadi inthe games

It can be seen that the press from which this cap came out was not fully calibrated and some poorly cut caps came out. Blue flag for PS4which should be at the top, approximately in the middle, and occupy part of the next casing of the bar, where Seals of age rating agencies required by law. This makes us believe that more than one game and more than two games came out of this version with the cover cut badly.

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Maybe one day he will find this user too A copy of GTA VI With his casing notoriously cropped and kept to his side, he would make a great ensemble. Although there is currently no exact date for the arrival of the next game in the series, according to Take-Two, GTA VI could arrive between 2024 and 2025.

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