Five hidden functions in any Xiaomi mobile phone

The latest version of Miui is 14. (Xiaomi)

mobile phones Xiaomi They have a customization layer called MeowThis has many hidden functions but can be useful. The tools hidden below can be used on other mobile phones Android. While the latest version available is MIUI 14, these tricks are compatible with anyone running version 12.5 or 13.

The Domain Name System (DNS) acts as the source and destination point for information packets transmitted between the smartphone and the network, which may pose a privacy risk. It is possible to remove advertisements for specific services on mobile devices by configuring a custom system, although this server will be aware of which web pages are visited.

Although data packets sent through this point are encrypted, preventing them from being read, the DNS system will know where they came from. To enable Private, follow these steps:

– Go into the settings of any Xiaomi phone running Miui 12.5 or later, then go to “Connect and share“.

Step by step to hide ads on Xiaomi phone with Miui 13 or 14. (Xiaomi World)

– Search and select “Private DNS”.

– Click where it says “Private DNS provider’s hostname“And type”“.

– Save and thus, your system will filter ads.

the ram It is an essential component in all devices to improve their performance. It can be easily activated through the settings, but it is important to take into account that by extending it in this way, the cell phone will use part of the internal storage and implement it as if it were a traditional main memory.

Extending RAM in Xiaomi. (Xiaomi World)

To extend it, these instructions must be taken into account:

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– Go to Settings and select “Additional settings“.

– go to “Memory extension“And activate this option.

– The system will automatically reserve part of the internal storage for use ram.

– For the change to be effective, the user must restart the device cell phone.

Unknown modification in Meow It is the ability to change the layout of the windows opened in Multitasking. Instead of windows, they can be configured to display in landscape format. To apply this setting, you must perform the following steps on Miui 13 or 14:

With the latest versions of Miui, it is possible to change multitasking to landscape mode. (Xiaomi World)

-Do the Pinch gesture At the beginning of mobile, directly above home plate.

-Click on the bottom settings wheel, located in the lower right side

-Choose in “additional“.

– Go down toOrganize recent items“And switch to horizontal view.

After closing the camera application, some mobile phones automatically return to the traditional photography menu. However, Xiaomi allows the user to decide whether they want to keep the same mode they were using the last time they opened the camera or whether they prefer to reset it.

Steps to return to camera settings in Miui 13 or later. (Xiaomi World)

To preserve your camera settings, follow these steps:

– Open the camera app MIUI 13 or later versions.

– Click on the icon Three horizontal linestop right of the screen.

– Select in “Settings“.

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– Go down toSave the settings“.

– Choose what you want to keep or undo when opening and closing the camera.

This is a simple way to quickly access multiple apps at any time via a floating button.

To enable it, follow these steps:

-Go into Miui 13 or 14 settings and search for “Special features“.

The sidebar on Xiaomi allows quick access to some applications. (Xiaomi)

-Enters “Sidebar“.

-activation “Always show“And customize the bar on the side of the screen that the user wants. You can also add the applications you want to this sidebar.

These settings are easy session It can improve the performance of the device with Miui 12.5, 13 or 14. Some of them are very useful for accessing new features that the user may not have been aware of at home. smart phone.

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