Why does the green dot appear next to WhatsApp chats?


Why does the green dot appear next to WhatsApp chats?

Something very common is that there are both @, which usually appear in chats preview, like green dot It can appear without warning and surprise.

The numbers indicate the number of messages that They find themselves unanswered in every chat. This point, specifically, warns of an unopened conversation and, therefore, text, audio, or files not yet seen.


On the other hand, the at sign indicates a group chat, also called a WhatsApp group. This has its purpose Notify that you have been assigned Or quoted in a message within that group.

WhatsApp surveys: how they work and when they arrive

This new functionality will specifically allow you to ask a question or statement and provide response options to each contact to determine their response.

as specified WABetaInfothe site that specializes in the messaging service, at the moment this can only be applied to devices that are part of the operating system iOS. At the same time, share what the results will look like after taking the survey.


As the specialists just added that Some details remain This feature is to be announced. The estimated period will only be “some months”.

Therefore, it is worth noting that so far there is no specific date for the launch of this tool.

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