Finn: “They declared a delay in the Children’s Emergency and the children’s health is now in danger”

The socialist gubernatorial primary candidate, Monica Finn, has spoken out strongly against the county government for abandoning public health policies. Lack of a proactive approach to dealing with winter illnesses and the critical condition of children in the county.

“The key to success in health is anticipation and for this there are tools that measure risk and allow you to make the best decisions. This administration is always behind the fait accompli. They did not vaccinate, they did not provide critical beds, they did not pay attention to the demands of pediatricians, they did not promote nursing, nor the first level of care , and they did not add kinesiology and abandoned all public policies to protect premature babies, ”he emphasized.

fine mark. “What distinguishes Beiruti’s government is the lack of management in all fields.” He also emphasized that “there is a lack of leadership and political determination. There is no master plan, it does not solve the structural, fee or input problems. In this context of neglect and lack of authority, the situation facing winter with the lack of professionals, family and almost no coordination between the three levels of care, the situation facing winter is very worrying.”

In the same sense, the current National Deputy stated that “this government does not carry out epidemiological control and the consequences will be serious. They endanger the lives of children, especially the young ones.”

Regarding the necessary infrastructure works, he stressed that “one of the works that they had the obligation to finish is the intensive care for children in the Hospital de Venado Torto, which would take the pressure off the situation and expand the places that are so necessary. In addition, they closed the Centennial Children’s Hospital, And they don’t have Reconquista specialists, and they haven’t promoted first level care across the county.

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With regard to health workers, Finn talked about the meetings he held with them during these months and confirmed that they “show us boredom and lack of motivation, and demand leadership, political leadership and responses from the Ministry, and the situation that we have already seen, is repeated in security and education.”

Finally, he noted the limited spread of influenza vaccination campaigns. “Lack of knowledge of the need to be vaccinated is one of the main reasons why people do not get vaccinated. It is necessary especially in the case of children,” he concluded, “to identify those who need special attention. of bacteria from respiratory infections as a gateway.

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