Doctors ask not to cut down 160-year-old avocado tree from District Hospital

a group of Doctors and Professionals at District Hospital De Rosario asked the city’s historic investor authorities not to cut down an old avocado tree that had already begun cutting branches to build new space on the property.

The proposal was presented in an interview with the program Telenoche Rosario (Altris) Carlos Funes, head of the thoracic surgery unit, who said that the tree He is “more than 160 years old” They plan to cut it down to build a mother’s shelter.

“The doctors we meet are to respect the tree, We want the asylum of the mother But the historical tree is respectable,” he said.

Then he said of the tree:It’s a living monumentIt’s already been disfigured and we want to protect it,” Funes said.

In a letter sent to other specialists at the district hospital, Funes also said that the plant “is the era of the hospital and This anger cannot be tolerated“.

“This tree is in perfect health, it is an avocado that represents the history of the hospital itself, and it bears fruit in great quantities, I am not sick or in danger of fallingIt is solid and difficult to demolish…..the reason for removing it is to expand the building… I wonder: Can’t you think of integrating it into the project? ‘ wrote the professional.

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