Finland is looking for foreign workers: the most popular jobs

The government of Finland has indicated that it needs, every year, to solve this problem and the demographic crisis in the future, Immigrant balance from 20 to 30 thousand people In order to keep your Public services as well Care of the elderly With the ability to compensate the deficit in the pension system.

In this research, the Finnish government launched a file four years ago Talent Enhancement Program To increase the functional attractiveness of the country.

What jobs are you looking for in Finland?


Among the most sought-after professionals:

  • health workers
  • metallurgists
  • Computer scientists or marine experts

The main problems of immigration to Finland


Although the “Happiest Country in the World” benefits from a low level of crime and inequality, it also has some downsides that come to light when a foreigner decides to live and work in Finland.

The main problems that foreigners experience when they arrive in the Scandinavian country are: Language, climate and some “stubbornness” in companies To understand and facilitate the experience of those who are not indigenous.

As a main requirement in many companies Fluent use of Finnish language اللغة It is one of the key points to be able to work.

In the absence of manpower, some companies looked for solutions, such as the case of an expanding technology factory that was able to employ 2,000 people in six months after Create English as a language Profession.

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