A new batch of DT-10PM tracked transport vehicles for the Russian Ground Forces

And after the latest developments in the delivery of equipment to the Russian land and air forces, Rostec has confirmed early delivery of a new batch of DT-10PM severe weather tracked vehicles. The units have been received by the Russian Ministry of Defense for supply to units operating in the challenging environments represented by the near-Arctic regions of the Russian Federation.

DT-10PM is a family of two-segment conveyor-type Caterpillar transport vehicles, which are manufactured by Vityaz, which belongs to the consortium Uralvagonzavod. Designed to operate in tough environments, they combine high maneuverability with the ability to haul various types of loads.

from rustic They have stated that:The construction of the car provides high mobility at any time of the year on hard-to-reach terrain, in conditions of rough terrain and a poorly developed road network, be it swamps, snowy terrain, dirt roads during a thaw, etc. The carrier is able to efficiently operate at ambient temperatures from -45 to +40 ° C, as well as overcome water obstacles without special preparation.“.

Although not designed for frontline combat operations, various reports have indicated that several units have been used in the invasion of Ukraine, in specific troop transport roles, and even to recover other armored vehicles of a variety. He writes. However, its presence on the Ukrainian battlefield has not been unscathed, as two DT-30s were reported destroyed at the end of March 2022.

*Images used for illustration purposes – Credits: Vitaly V Kuzmin

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