Fined for illegal purchase in the neighboring country

Hundreds of items reserved.

The operation took place on Wednesday night when the forces carried out their control in the jurisdiction for possible smuggling or other illegal activities.

They stopped the march of the truck in which two men were traveling, both of legal age, residing in Monte Caseros, who had come from Encarnacion, Paraguay.

After consulting about what was transported, they asked for the relevant documents, but they did not have a customs guarantee; for which they were transferred to the property of the Palestinian National Authority.

In the presence of witnesses, packages containing stuffing, thermoses, blankets, clothes and shoes were opened.

It was reported from the force that it was not a crime of smuggling, because according to Law 22415 in its Article 947 it determines the value of the capacity, and in this case, if it is less than 500 thousand pesos, it is a violation. They also indicated that the car they were traveling in had not been hijacked.

The procedure ended around 2 hours after the intervention of the relevant jurisdictions.

They noted from the force that “it is expected to know the responsibility which every one of the occupiers bears as they must declare what each of them has acquired in the neighboring country”.

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