Filtered photos of Gina Ortega dressed as a bride in Bitelch 2

MADRID, July 7 (CulturaOcio) —

Filming the sequel to Bitelchús It has already been running for several weeks in the UK. movie that will be Directed by Tim Burton, starring Michael Keaton, will continue the story of the theatrical undead. They have arrived from the recording group Pictures of his new star’s signatureAnd Jenna Ortega.

Wed series actressfrom Netflix, He will be one of the protagonists of Bitelch 2. And he will do so by giving life to the daughter of Lydia Dietz, the character from the original movie played by Winona Ryder. People magazine published some Pictures taken from the photo session Where both Ortega and Ryder herself can be seen resuming their role.

In the case of the young artist, the portrait is particularly striking because she is wearing a gown Embellished wedding dress. And so, even though Ryder is covered in a coat that doesn’t allow her to see her locker, everything seems to point to it They were depicting a scene closely related to the topic From Bitelchus 2.

Looking at the pictures, it’s supposed to Ortega character Celebrate your wedding Everything in a moment that will be of great importance to the Deetz family. Something that could serve as an excuse for The return of Keaton’s bizarre personalityLooking for revenge.

At the end of the first batch, Beetlesh got what he deserved For his corrupt actions he returned to the afterlife. With the sequel, it probably will Back to the world of the living And look for some kind of funny and sinister revenge against Deetz. Lydia’s daughter’s wedding could be the perfect occasion.

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In addition to Keaton, Ryder, and Ortega, Bitelchús 2 will also have a solid cast Catherine O’Hara who returns as Delia, Monica Bellucci as Bitelchus’ wifeAnd Justin Theroux and Willem Dafoe. Composer Danny Elfman also returns after his work on the original. The movie will be shown in theaters on September 6, 2024.

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