The UK will fund environmental projects in Colombia

President Evan Duque and the UK’s Environment Minister, Lord Zach Goldsmith, meet with task forces, this Thursday in Casa de Nariño.

President Ivan Duque on Thursday highlighted the government’s interest UK to support environmental initiatives in Colombia with funding He thanked the offer to support the protection of environmental leaders in our country.

The head of state spoke about this issue at the end of his meeting with Britain’s environment minister, Lord Zach Goldsmith, in Casa de Nariño, With the aim of further strengthening the cooperation relations between the two countries, with the aim of halting the loss of biodiversity and addressing the effects of climate change through mitigation and adaptation measures.

The President stated that, “The UK is a leader in funding these strategies and accompanies Colombia with very significant resources in schemes ranging from the Colombian heritage, as the environmental program is called, and the Amazon Vision, which is one of the programs to protect 35% of our land, which in turn makes up 6% of the Amazon biome.”

In the face of protecting environmental leaders, Duque said: “I want to thank and appreciate Lord Goldsmith’s offer to us to support the UK in the front line fight against the killing of environmental leaders, which is heartbreaking, because these killings are committed by illegal armed groups, and of course put an end to for such a situation.”

Likewise, he highlighted the UK’s commitment to Colombia’s energy transition, “where we estimate that in just three years and two months we have gone from 0.2% of our energy matrix in non-conventional renewables to reach a path To quickly exceed 20%.”

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In the same way, highlight the support it provides The United Kingdom wants to give Colombia In terms of clean mobility, he said, “We have already exceeded the development plan target in terms of electric vehicles rolling in our lands.”

Visit Goldsmiths Minister for Columbia was agreed last month September between President Duque and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, during their meeting in New York, where they endorsed the bilateral alliance to tackle climate change.

The Ministry of Environment will socialize the draft climate action law

The Colombian Ministry of Environment announced, next Monday, October 11, that it will implement the socialization of the draft climate action bill that was submitted to Congress and through which it seeks to move forward with the implementation of measures to counter the effects of climate change on the country.

Through a ‘webinar’ that will be broadcast on .’s YouTube channel Environment file, the main points of the document submitted by the national government will be shown The signing of eight ministers seeks to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adapt communities and ecosystems to meet the country’s climate goals.

“Many of these procedures will be developed, for example, for goals that we have like Reduce 51% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, also no deforestation by 2030, protect our marine and land areas by 30%, restore more than 960 thousand hectares by 2030, reduce 11 million tons from the mining and energy sectors with the entire energy transitionsaid Environment Minister, Carlos Eduardo Correa.

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This publication space organized by the national government led by the National Ecosystem (SINA) aims to present the scope of this initiative which includes important strategies for Colombia to become a carbon neutral country by 2050.

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