Female “Tropa” begins defeat in Centrobasket • Semanario Universidad

The Costa Rican women’s basketball team made its debut at the Women’s Centrobasket, narrowly losing to El Salvador 79 points to 84.

The Costa Rican women’s basketball team, also known as “La Trouba”, made its debut at Centrobasket in El Salvador with a narrow defeat to the domestic team 84-79 at José Pineda Gymnasium in San Salvador.

From the first two minutes and 28 seconds, the Salvadoran team led 4-6 by 3 by Emily Tevez, never leaving the lead again, and always managed to keep the point difference against the national team, led by the player. She has the experience of Sylvia Betancourt, Gabriela Alvarado and Natalia Galvez. In addition, he managed to collect 9 points difference from the first quarter

Betancourt was the top scorer in the match with a total of 29 units, yet she did not have the same amount of attacking assistance as Ida Funes, Salvadoran highest scorer with 22 points, with Tevez and Kimberly Villalobos contributing 15 and 16 points respectively. .

In the other result of the day, Puerto Rico overtook the US Virgin Islands 73-69 and thus the Salvadorans and Puerto Ricans participated in the ranking by two points, while the Virgin Islands and Costa Rica had only one point.

The Dominican Republic has yet to make its debut, which will do so on Thursday against Puerto Rico at 7 pm, while the national team will have to face the Virgin Islands three hours earlier.

The importance of this basketball center lies in the fact that this tournament qualifies for the Americup Women’s Championship, and just not finishing last is sufficient to enter.

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