Whatch out! WhatsApp chains that put your bank account details at risk

Two WhatsApp strings were detected in recent hours putting your banking data at risk. Using phishing technology, in which cyber thieves steal all kinds of information from mobile apps and on social networks, they are now putting at risk once again those who trust the messages they receive, but don’t know they are in danger. Trick.

Many cell phones are giving a WhatsApp message to celebrate Amazon’s 30th anniversary, which is totally wrong. Firstly, because the company was founded on July 5, 1994, so the intention is nothing more than stealing information from users. Second, because the sales giant doesn’t usually do such promotions by these means. Additionally, the buy and sell site Mercado Libre has appeared to alert about a false withdrawal of its name which also arrives via WhatsApp message.

The withdrawal that is circulating on WhatsApp for our company’s anniversary is false. It’s a case of “phishing” or personal information theft and our specialist team has already made progress on the complaint.

Complications arise when users send the supposed anniversary chain or raffle to multiple contacts promising to get the prize, but when they click on this link, a roulette wheel appears on the screen to choose the gift.

The most naive, and quite naively, the wheel turns. There the user is asked to download an app and keep it open for at least 30 seconds. This time is enough for hackers to gain access to the data on the mobile device and plant malware that causes damage to the cell phone.

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The phishing mechanism consists of impersonating a trusted organization, in which the user shares passwords and all types of required information, including confidential information, through applications or from e-mail. That’s why you find WhatsApp the perfect place to trick people who trust the person who sends you the message.

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