Felipe Sola: “The situation in Venezuela ends up becoming toxic”

Madrid (A special envoy) .- Felipe Sola Enjoy the moment and order a coffee. Portugal is already part of the past, and in the middle of his trip to the Spanish capital, he does not hesitate to highlight what happened in Lisbon as a “success”. Amid anecdotes, stories, and Peronist quotes, the chancellor avoids talking about domestic problems. When asked if the vice president had been discussed, he responded, “These are Argentine problems.” Christina Kirchner During lunch with the Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Costa.

In a short conversation with Nation And other media, the foreign minister talks about the tour, Venezuela, the UN elections, and much more. “We knew what we were coming for and we reasserted everything,” he says. He adds: “What is the setting of the environment? To create the environment for them to continue with Antonio Guterres.”

Does this mean that Argentina will vote for re-election of Guterres as Secretary-General of the United Nations?

-Yeah. It was something that Alberto Fernandez and Costa talked about. Instead of nominations, Argentina requested to remain on the Human Rights Council. We told them that they would investigate the CAF [Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina]. We told them that Portugal, Spain and Argentina should have the same candidate.

Could Gustavo Pelles be the candidate?

Not decided. We want him to be an Argentine candidate if we can win, because there are countries with two votes and the other with one vote. The founding nations Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and Spain have two votes. Brazil and Argentina are one.

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Will Venezuela be present in the Spanish stage?

-Yeah. I spoke about Venezuela with my Portuguese counterpart. You talked about Maduro. You talked about the opposition. And I also told them that Venezuela couldn’t take up much space. Changes in Venezuela will not be quick, but slow. Hence, Venezuela cannot occupy much time when the changes are so slow.


The situation in Venezuela becomes toxic. How many issues do you stop talking about, integration, cooperation and regional politics? Abroad, societies rule their countries by their own attitudes.

Now tracking Spain. What are the goals?

This is the same goal as in Portugal, but with [Pedro] Sanchez who should be most concerned about the moment he’s in.

Could there be something tangible with the Paris Club?

I don’t know, that’s why he spoke to a bald man [por Martín Guzmán] Whats going on [ríe]Who knows that.

The last stage of the trip includes the Pope’s visit. What do you represent for this trip?

– The Pope is very important. Everything is targeted at this stage of the negotiations with the Fund, all of Portugal, France and Italy, and then there is also the symposium where Kristalina Georgieva will be and where she may be, I don’t know if Janet is softening the video, so this is very important.

Is this more important or is the interview with Francisco?

-brother! Monday.

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