Warner Bros. won’t pretend to change plans for Ezra Miller’s Flash movie

When Ezra Miller Chosen to play The Flash in the DC movies, The CW’s Scarlet speedster series debuted, and in the opposite superhero universe they only had two Captain America movies and one Guardians of the Galaxy.

But even though we’re already in 2022, the flash tape starring Miller has yet to be released, and while the CW series prepares for its ninth season, Marvel Studios has plans Captain America 4 s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Warner Bros. Discovery has not yet determined who will take the helm at DC Entertainment in its new internal structure.

However, although Warner Bros. currently has several tasks pending before finalizing a plan for its DC movies, a new report confirms that whatever is happening there appears to be going on. Fate movie flash will not change.

In these minutes the premiere of the movie flash It is scheduled to take place in June 2023 in theaters. However, although filming was completed months ago, doubts have recently arisen about his future due to the controversy of Ezra Miller.

Thus, speculation about a possible replacement for Miller in the title role has multiplied, and there are even those who have made assumptions with the possibility of ruling out the film or streaming premiere. But while Warner Bros. didn’t want to talk about it, diverse He confirms that none of this will be in the studio’s plans at the moment and that his goal will be to release a copy flash They filmed and it’s already in post-production.

In fact, the studio will be striving to release the film with all the fanfare that superhero projects tend to bring about.

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Barring unexpected events, sources say, Warner is moving forward with the goal of giving the superhero movie the full blockbuster treatment. Flash simply costs a lot of money to scrap the project entirely and probably won’t generate the revenue needed to turn a profit without appearing in theaters.”says the report.

But of course, a good premiere in these characteristics will depend on Miller remaining in good shape and out of controversy because promoting a movie without its hero seems like a silly and great task for the studio flash Aiming to rearrange the superhero franchise.

Now, while that’s being said about release plans Flash (2023)Regarding the film’s narrative proposition, Variety asserts that it could impress fans since the story will also feature the return of Batman versions by Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck as well as Sasha Calle’s Supergirl debut. “It was extraordinarily well received in early experimental examinations.”

Something that could be auspicious for the future of the potential saga because while Miller’s behavior could certainly motivate Warner Bros. to leave The Flash as a farewell debut, Variety says so Study does not want it “to be a unique adventure”. and “remains enthusiastic” about Andy Muschietti’s film, “believing the film to be one of DC’s strongest theatrical efforts.”

Movie premiere flash It is still scheduled for June 23, 2023 in the US.

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