He was deprived of medical care and fell dead on the sidewalk of the hospital, which did not receive him | Chronicle

Happened yesterday in an episode that sparks out rage in hospital municipality White BayA man who required urgent care for chest pain was not received and died at the door of the health center.

It is the subject of his name David GarridoWhich explained according to his son, Ariel Nunez, In the center of Bahia La Pergola 24 He arrived at 3:30 p.m. with chest pain and was told that there was no doctorAt that place, they told him that they would destroy him hospital Spanish from the same region however “He went out and disappeared 50 meters away, to be precise where the ambulances stopped.”

“The people who were there ran, carried him as best they could, kicked the guard’s door and put him on a stretcher. They put him inside without allowing a relative to enter and he ended up dying.” Nunez continued.

Regarding the minutes after Garrido’s death, his son indicated this “The girls who took your data said the professionals were in another emergency.”

“When we told them that we were going to inform them, the doctor came out and said that if she had known about the situation, she would have saved him. The person standing at the window could not be the one who assesses the emergency. It’s insane, my age was 55 years old, a hardworking person. These people don’t have them. Small heartNunez said.

Finally, he asserted that “this is letting go of a person” since then “He woke up in the morning to sell cardboard, and returned home with chest pain and died at the hospital door because he had not received any treatment.” While he said: “This should be reported so it doesn’t happen to others. They have three or four hours waiting for you, the same thing always happens.”.

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