These are the 10 most prominent differences between the United States and Canada

Although the United States and Canada are located in the northern hemisphere of the American continent and are “giants” of the region in terms of economy and multiculturalism, this does not mean that they are the same. If you are interested in immigrating to one of the two countries but have not yet decided which one, then at Q’PASA we tell you what are the ten most notable differences between these two regions.

  1. Investing in military forces

According to data provided by the CIA, Canada spends nearly three times less military spending than the United States. This is related to the GDP of each country, and the maple leaf country allocates 1.31%, while its southern neighbor allocates 3.4%.

  1. Canada is less violent than the United States

It is no secret that Canada is less violent than the United States. During 2020, homicides in the United States increased by 37% in 20 major cities; Aggravated assaults increased by 35% and several shooting incidents occurred in different cities.

Canada is considered one of the safest countries in the world, with very low crime and crime rates.

  1. The health care system

The health system in the United States is critical compared to the health system in Canada. In the first case, the United States invests around 16.8% of GDP in this area. Its neighbor only 10%.

Likewise, Canada provides free healthcare to citizens, while the United States charges fees for this service.

  1. Canada has two official languages ​​while the United States does not have any requirements
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Although English is spoken in both countries, Canada has an additional official language, which is French, which is spoken in Quebec.

Keep in mind that the United States as such does not have an official language, but several of its states have decided to make the official English their “mother tongue”.

  1. Government systems are different

Whereas Americans have a participatory democratic system of government, where the president is the head of state; In Canada, there is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system, with the Prime Minister representing the Head of Government.

This latter case occurs because Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state of Canada.

  1. Education

In Canada, finding free, high-quality higher education is more rewarding than it is in the United States. In the first, post-secondary education costs are paid by the state and this has reasonable rates for students to access.

In the second case, the institutions are mostly private and the loans provided by the government are often very expensive.

  1. Use of firearms

In the United States, buying and selling firearms is completely legal and more than just for personal use. In Canada, the situation changes, as people use these weapons for hunting. In the country of the maple leaf, sales and permits to carry these items are restricted.

  1. Plastic bills vs. Paper tickets

Another big difference between the United States and Canada is their economy and administration. In the country of maple leaves, pennies are not used and the bills are made of plastic, which makes them more resistant.

  1. Immigration
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Canada is well-known for hosting hundreds of expats on its soil. Annually, the North American nation attracts 340,000 immigrants, meaning that this value triples the share of immigrants the United States calls in in twelve months.

  1. Diversity and multiculturalism

Latin influence is part of the strong multiculturalism in both countries. Although in Canada they tend to respect different ideas, sects, and orientations; In the United States, they tend to abuse and discriminate against expats because of their differences.

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