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The real Madrid The victory saved him in St. Petersburg to keep his position tight the enemy To enter Hem One of the most European leagues even in history. Those from Lasso were defeated Zenith Cuddles with his giant Tavares (16 points, 9 rebounds) and presses his pain threshold. In a tough and struggling match, the Whites left 14 points and entered the score with a six kick, but they knew how to maintain their strength and pulse to come back and save. Meeting point. Pangos first, Barron and Bonitka put Real Madrid ahead, but Tavares, with good support from Dick and Taylor, succeeded in snatching the Whites in the match and in the competition.

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Focus and competitive tension were the big, unfinished business for the white jersey, who combined 22 times in the victory over Zalgiris and 23 in the defeat to Khimki. “The first half was horrific and unacceptable. We did not play anything, neither offensive nor defensive. With 23 losses it would have been a miracle,” Lasso summed up in his brutal self-criticism after the match in Moscow. And in Saint Petersburg, Madrid came out determined to implement the amendment proposal. With Taylor blotting for Pangos and Deck assuming a gallon in attack, the madridistas improved Zenit’s reaction speed and quickly seized the lead (8-18, L6).

In the last race of the regular stage, six teams, from third to eighth in the standings, started the day separated by victory. The duel between the fifth and seventh acquired strategic importance. Zenit, who had lost four of their previous six matches, showed the same imbalances that had shaken Valencia a week earlier. Tavares took advantage of Team Pascual’s hole in paint and the constant supply of balls and grew (with 10 points and six rebounds) until the 13-24 that ended the first quarter. But there was a lot of late.

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The fluidity in attack and the application in defense allowed Real Madrid to control the rhythm of the match. Thompkins joined the spin and extended the rope a little more by three (15-29, m12). By then, Zenit was just Pangos, but Pangos were too much. “It’s his beacon,” warned Lasso the day before. Despite special vigilance, the Canadian base goalkeeper made a life for himself to support his team in the first half. He scored 14 points (with 4 out of 4 in triples; compared to one of 11 of his teammates), providing assists and allowing Pascual’s men to win the second set (16-14) with a psychic hat-trick (29-38, M20). Madrid’s challenge was continuity, Zenit’s reaction. Reading Pascual’s booklet triumphed at the booth.

On appeal, five points from Buthries, a basket of Hollins and a buildup of mistakes by Taylor, Tavares and Garuba, dismantled Real Madrid’s advantage and sentiments in one fell swoop (38-38, 22m). 23-9 rounds in just 10 minutes brought the Whites back into the pain room. Fouls weakened Lasso’s home match and the Boethres-Thomas duo began to fight an opponent who had been unable to find clear scoring methods. Tavares, fourth team, one million and 49 seconds until the end of the third quarter, and Barron’s dash in this span highlighted Madrid’s problems (58-52, 30 minutes). The visitors’ blanket fell off. What Carroll covered in the attack, Teos left behind. Tavares returned to the track to fix it, paired up with Jaruba, both with four faults and six minutes of holding on. They did so with remark, most notably Cape Verde. Dick added to the suffering and put his team ahead of the team by 1 minute and 45 seconds (69-70). From there to the end, Tavares once again expanded to save Madrid from the cold.

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