A studio made up of LoL, Halo and Overwatch veterans looks good: Theorycraft Games was born

They aim to develop a community driven PvP game that will hit different platforms.

It’s always good news that new Study developmentEspecially if there are talents in the project. Type a name Theorycraft Games, Which has already become a reality after securing an infusion of $ 37.5 million in investment coming mainly from NetEase Inc., with other companies coming from companies such as NEA, BITKRAFT Ventures, Griffin Gaming Partners, SISU Game Ventures, and others. The goal is development Community-led PvP game So that it reaches different platforms.

A studio is a kind of dream team, as it is made up of veterans from companies like Riot Games, Bungie, Blizzard y Valve SoftwareWhich shows a strong record of success stories such as League of LegendsAnd the HelloAnd the Note and observe The Appraisal.

His first project will be PvP aimed at uniting players, but for now there are no further detailsJoe Tong, CEO and founder of Theorycraft Games was executive vice president of League of Legends, and has also worked on Halo or Destiny. Michael Evans He’ll be the Director of Technology after doing the same for Valorant and Overwatch. Next to them will be Mike the man As Creative Director (Former LoL Art Director or Dota 2) o Arib PiraniAs Operations Manager

Road to his first game

“The Theorycraft team has a proven track record of driving some of the most successful video game franchises. With the resources and independence they have now, we look forward to what comes next.” Simon Chow, Director of Investments and Partnerships for NetEase Games.

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Joe Tong, CEO and founder of Theorycraft Games, said we feel very fortunate, not only because we got such a good start in the studio, but because we found a bunch of like-minded partners who believed in, like us what Games meet basic human needs; Which supports our goal of getting it into the hands of players quickly and developing the game with them. Most importantly, they understand that we are in this for the long term. “

The studio will be based in Seattle and Los Angeles, and according to their philosophy, they promise to create games in depth. That gives players the ability to unite and compete. For now, nothing has been shown about his first game, despite being in The official web We can see some obscure pictures as well as job profiles opened on various sites.

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