Emotional tsunami: What happens to your brain when you sleep two hours less

What’s happening in Our brain while we sleep It is transcendent. One of the primary reasons our body needs sleep is to achieve it Emotional balance. “the Irritability and impulsivenesshe Bad moodAnd consumption of stimulants Lack of empathy Creativity consists of attitudes and mental states related to the subject Bad dream“, Indicates Dr. Javier ParisSleep expert. In fact, the Sleep disorders Closely related to Anxiety disorders And based on mood. For example, more than half of teens who experience sleepiness in class also struggle with it Lack of emotional control And mood disorders.

While sleeping, balance your emotions

Brain activity during sleep goes through three stages: Wakefulness, non-REM sleep, and REM sleep. During the second half of the night, REM sleep occurs, which is when new experiences are combined with past experiences. It’s through Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is when our emotional circuits adapt. “This is necessary for us to get it right emotional smartness. If you look then Lose two hours of sleep dailyNot only does this mean losing 25% of the hours we should be sleeping, but it also means losing nearly 70% of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is important. And its implications for our emotional control“The doctor explains.

What happens to your emotions if you deprive yourself of two hours of sleep?

according to Matthew WalkerGlobal sleep expert, People who don’t sleep are 60% more engaged.that is, more Violent and uncontrolled. According to the expert, these people show greater hyperactivity in… Amygdala cerebral. Their research shows that this is due to the presence of another area in the brain: the cerebrum Frontal cortex. “The prefrontal cortex is like the CEO of your brain. (…) It is one of the most developed areas of our brain. And one of the parts of the brain is that Controls are this deep emotional center“The amygdala,” he explains.

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More impulsive, more irritable

Various studies support this statement, such as the one conducted by Tel Aviv University And the University of Berkeley. The first was published in the magazine Journal of Neuroscience I found that those who do not sleep enough perceive and feel daily reality in a different way because of a – Greater lack of emotional control. In the Berkeley study, this was found Sleeping two hours or more is too littleHe provokes people More irrational and primal responses. And also a sleep expert Harvard universityJanet Mullingtonrecently pointed out, “Although you may feel complacent after sleeping fewer hours several nights, many mistakes are being made. In addition, the ability to sociable, optimism, fatigue, fatigue, and exhaustion are reduced.” Aggression and discomfort“.

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