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for retailers, Another strategy to satisfy customers with faster performance is online shopping and in-store pickup (Bobbs). If done well, BOPIS can also make shopping a smooth and convenient experience.

Today, companies who ship to homes are facing challenges as increased e-commerce traffic, spurred by the pandemic, puts pressure on the capacity of package carriers. “It’s ideal when you have the opportunity to avoid it, using your own fleet or your entire truck to drive to your facility, or even use your inventory to pick up shelves, and then ask the customer to come pick it up,” says Todd Benge. Vice President of Parcel Operations at Transportation Insight, an external logistics (3PL) company in Hickory, North Carolina. Customers enjoy the speed and convenience that BOPIS offers. “Often, they can order online and pick it up at the store on the same day.Benji dice.

BOPIS is a good alternative for consumers who are put off by late deliveries.. This sales channel has become more and more popular since the beginning of the pandemic, when more consumers began ordering food to be picked up on the sidewalk. “Now they use it in many different areas, such as home improvement, furniture, and sporting goods,” notes Robin Meyer, Business Solutions Partner at Transportation Insight.

To make sure that buying BOPIS provides a good experience, The retailer must communicate with the customer effectively. “This means providing customers with updates about when a product is chosen and when it’s ready at the front of the store,” Benge explains.

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The merchant must also provide the opportunity to place special ordersAs an aid in loading the purchase into a car, he adds.

Retailer needs a good inventory system for that When a customer buys an item, staff can quickly locate itWhether it’s on the store floor, in a warehouse, at a fulfillment center, or at another store in the retail chain, Meyer says.

It is also important to adjust the compensation system so that managers do not receive more credit for store sales than BOPIS compliance. Faced with the difference in compensation, employees may be tempted to stock up on items to buy in the store.

“Perishable products, by definition, have a short shelf life, which puts a lot of pressure on time and reliability.”

– Craig Callahan, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Werner Enterprises

This backlog can lead to order fragmentation, where customers are told they can immediately receive some items in their order, but will have to wait for the rest to arrive from a different location, Meyer points out. A retailer has solved this problem by modifying the credit it has given to BOPIS sales in its compensation agreement..

With a quick call to match all that income, Retail order percentages have decreased significantly“, Confirms.

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