UK renews Freeview DTT license until 2034

The British government has extended the five national licenses for the Freeview Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) multiplex platform until 2034.

In this way, the main spectrum of commercial broadcasters such as ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 is ensured, while they compete with broadcast giants in a changing media landscape.

Freeview is very popular with British audiences and is broadcast by multiplex series that includes five or more television channels, radio stations, text services and electronic program guides.

DTT multiplexing ensures that public broadcast content is free and widely available to consumers, thanks to its coverage of nearly 99 per cent of the UK. It has become vital for UK broadcasters as it allows broadcasters to expand their offerings with a number of new channels such as ITV2 and E4.

Britain’s Information Minister, John Whittingdale, stated: “We secure the future of free TV broadcasting and a wide range of highly regarded news, entertainment and documentary channels going into 2030. Securing the future of Freeview means that citizens can continue to enjoy its great content, while protecting a vital means for broadcasters. Our two publics so that they can serve the masses for years to come.

On the other hand, the government has committed to legislating for Multiplex 2, which is currently jointly owned by Channel 4 and ITV, to achieve public service status. This will ensure that you always have space on the Freeview platform to serve as many audiences as possible.

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