Elba Marcovicio speaks about Jorge Lanata’s health: “He will soon be with his family”

Elba Marcovicio spoke about Lanata’s health

Elba Marcovicio He returned to the program on Monday DDM (America), After being absent from the committee for more than a week. The lawyer was accompanied by her husband Jorge Lanata, Who remains hospitalized at the Favaloro Foundation due to a bacterial urinary tract infection.

In the course, Mariana Fabiani One of the committee members asked about the cyclist’s health Wool without filter (Radio Miter) and Journalism for everyone (The thirteen). “He’ll be home soon, he wants to smoke. It was a urinary tract infection, but since it was implanted, it’s causing complications. He made me spend a few days…” The lawyer answered.

In addition, he took the opportunity to thank the host for the messages he received last week. “We love you. When we talked I said, ‘George has been out of a lot of places.’ “But it’s scary,” Mariana told him. “He does it so we can like him more,” the speaker replied, laughing. He was super cared for in the hospital, but when you love someone, you want to be there all day.

Then Marcovicio added: “It was all so fast. Soon he will be with his family. He is like a prisoner, looking forward to smoking. Smoking is addictive. Jorge had stopped smoking for a month or two, but he didn’t want to anymore. He smokes less now. I hope he doesn’t smoke anything.” Fabiani noted that the journalist admitted to him on another occasion that he smoked in all the clinics he entered.

Elba Marcovicio and Jorge Lanata

The lawyer indicated that she does not lose hope that her husband will be able to overcome his addiction to tobacco, because it may improve his delicate health condition. “Georgetto, go home!” The driver said looking at the camera. “If it were up to him, now.” Elba confirmed, regarding the journalist’s desire to leave the Favaloro Foundation as quickly as possible.

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It should be noted that in the first and only medical report of his admission to the hospital, the health problem due to which the journalist was admitted was highlighted. “The Favaloro Foundation University Hospital informs that Mr. Jorge Ernesto Llanata was admitted to our institution last Wednesday the 23rd for treatment of a bacterial urinary tract infection.The statement stated that his stay in the hospital is necessary for adequate clinical monitoring and compliance with the treatment regimen.

Medical report by Jorge Lanata

For a few years, Jorge Lanata’s health has been warning his fans and followers. Since he underwent a kidney transplant in 2015, and once he recovered in 2019, he spent two months in hospital at the Fellini Sanatorium after fracturing his lumbar vertebra. Then, in 2020, he traveled to the United States to undergo surgery at the hands of specialists in this field. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, in 2021, he was with his wife in Miami where he was vaccinated against the virus and at that time he had to be urgently hospitalized with a urinary tract infection. Months later, he underwent surgery at the Favaloro Foundation using an arthroscopic procedure.

Despite these fluctuations in his health, Jorge passed through the civil registry again with his partner Elba in April last year. In a letter to TN News, the journalist did not lose his sense of humor when Nelson Castro asked them why they were getting married at this specific moment in their lives. “Why not? Marrying an elder isn’t so bad; first because we found each other, because I want to be with her always.”Lanata responded to the laughter of everyone present.

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“This can’t be the case, so often it’s not about searching, one finds it by chance, and who knows why. When one searches, one usually doesn’t find.” What happened for me with Elba is that I found her and thought it would be nice to commit to her for the church; The truth is that we witnessed a very beautiful and moving ceremony.

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