EA Sports FC 24: How to play before its launch on September 29

The official release date is September 29, but there are several ways to play EA Sports FC 24 in advance, a rebirth of the soccer saga known as FIFA.

There are only a few days left before the “new” signing of the football season arrives on the field. After an extensive career with FIFA, Electronic Arts’ soccer franchise EA Sports FC 24, to Compete live with eFootball 2024.

As Gianni Infantino’s FIFA prepares its own game (under the FIFA stamp) for 2024, EA Sports FC 24 takes over from FIFA 23 to deliver the best virtual football on PC and current consoles.

The misnamed FIFA 24 will take to the field next September 29with next-gen versions available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series

As a good game from the soccer saga, also from EA, There are several ways to play it before the official launch. If you’re impressed by the start of the Champions League, read on.

You can start playing EA Sports FC 24 (And build your Ultimate Team, of course) this week. In this report we explain how to do this, easily and simply.

Can EA Sports FC 24 be played before launch?

The answer is yes. The game may not even be officially released Friday 29 SeptemberBut Electronic Arts allows you to enjoy the game a few days in advance.

The first method is Purchase the EA Sports FC 24 Definitive Edition, available in digital stores for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. It’s not available for the Nintendo Switch, so it’s the only version you can’t play previously.

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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition is available for PlayStation and Xbox for €109.99 (it will be slightly cheaper with EA Play at €98.99), and for €99.99 on Steam, the EA App and the Epic Store.

This digital edition Includes 7 days early access, which allows you to start playing EA Sports FC 24 a week early. That’s by saying, Starting Friday, September 22nd.

10-hour free trial

EA Sports FC 24

If you don’t want to pay that much (which we understand), but still want to play EA Sports FC 24 a few days early, there are two other alternatives…that actually do the same thing.

Electronic Arts offers a Free trial for 10 hours of gameplay for EA Sports FC 24, which will be activated on September 22 (as Early Access for Definitive Edition owners).

The only condition is Subscribe to EA Play, a gaming service available on PC (Origin), PlayStation, and Xbox. It’s priced at €3.99 per month and you can join this link.

EA Sports FC 24

If you have an Xbox or Windows PC, and You are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass UltimateYou’re very lucky: EA Play is included, so you can access this 10-hour gaming experience.

Once this time period expires, you will have to purchase the game (either in its simple version or in the Ultimate Edition) So you can continue playing and import your progress.

Finally, if you don’t mind playing, and just want to build your team in Ultimate Team, you have another option. Starting on the 20th (this Wednesday) the EA Sports FC 24 web app will be live, and one day after Companion app on mobile devices.

EA Sports FC 24

On both platforms, you can start creating and setting up your Ultimate Team, then import it into EA Sports FC 24 using your EA Account.

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EA Sports FC 24 will officially be available in stores on September 29, available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series Starting Friday the 22nd of this month, Early Access and a 10-hour trial of the game will begin, so you have no excuse.

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