Adorable Blue Puppy K9: A Day in the Life of a Labrador That Helps Combat Stress

The newest member of Tiverton Police demonstrates at the entrance of the building (Facebook K9 Blue TPD)

K9 blue It is binomial of Tiverton Police Department in rhode island, United States, who conquered the hearts of his followers with his kind face and cheerful attitude. The dark-colored Labrador began working as a service dog when he was 10 months old, under the command of Officer Shawn Wilson.

he New member in the department The police officer acts as a therapy dog ​​and helps employees cope with anxiety, stress, and any other negative emotional state. “The first few days were very busy,” the controller explained. blue On the Facebook page he made out of dogs.

According to information from the local news portal National officeThe dog comes from the dog house Bonefield Labrador Which is headquartered in New Hampshire. Blue is the 35th canine to be turned over to a public facility as a “service animal.”

K9 Blue on his first run as a new member of the police department (Facebook K9 Blue TPD)

In recent days, the police department administration shared the activities carried out by the puppy inside the facility. blue He wears a jacket with officers’ insignia Tiverton His name is embroidered on each side and he has a black collar with a blue stripe.

In these first weeks, blue And the officer Sean Wilson I made some visits to different public places in rhode island To introduce the new member of the team. through Facebook They asked their followers to comment on where the four-legged officer is doing some ’rounds’.

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K9 blue He arrived at the police department last weekend with a “full” agenda, according to reports on his Facebook and Instagram accounts. On Thursday, he made his first survey of his workspace, on Friday he visited students seeking to become officers, and on Saturday he tidied up the sergeant’s office.

On Tuesday, September 19, the facility’s management plans to hold a welcome party for police officers Tiverton They invited the community to welcome them blue. The department plans to keep the Labrador under its protection for many years and they plan to use its story to encourage pet adoption.

The dog surveyed his workspace (Facebook K9 Blue TPD)

Peggy BroganMember of the Bonefield LabradorHe participated in an interview with National office That in recent months there has been a great demand for dogs of this breed. Of the 35 Labradors who donated, 25 are in police departments in New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Vermont.

The remaining ten are distributed among the region’s universities, funeral homes, and health centers. “We have 22 active volunteer therapy teams who regularly visit schools, libraries, nursing homes, hospitals, etc., in addition to responding to local crisis events,” he explained. Brogan.

he Labrador farm They have 13 years of experience, but it was only five years ago that they began incorporating canines into their therapy jobs. The first dog to serve as a support animal was Hank for the Lunenburg, Massachusetts Police Department.

Blue visit a local café (Facebook K9 Blue TPD)

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