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Surely on more than one occasion you have read or heard that it is not appropriate to eat a late dinner because it makes you fat. But is this statement true or is it a myth? Let’s see what the science says.

What is the best time to have dinner is one of the questions people who diet to lose weight ask themselves the most. Since it is the last meal of the day, there are those who believe that the time we eat has a more important role in weight loss than the rest of the day’s intake.

There are very common recommendations that you have certainly heard many times, for example that it is better not to eat anything after 8:00 pm, and that if you eat dinner late you will gain weight. But is there any truth in all of this or is it just a myth?

As explained by dietitian McKayla Mixner The HealthlinePhysiological calories don’t count more at night. “You won’t gain weight just by eating later if you eat within your daily calorie needs,” It states. So, Eat later because the only factor will not affect your weight.

The problem is There are a number of conditions related to eating later that are associated with weight gain. scientific studies Suggest that people who eat later or who have different meal times (for example, night shift workers) generally eat more calories than those who eat earlier

In addition, scientific evidence also supports that people who eat later tend not only to eat more, but also to choose foods with higher calories and less healthy foods.

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If you don’t want to gain weight, instead of keeping a strict control over when you eat dinner, the best thing you can do is Adjust your meals to your daily rhythm.

The results of a study revealed that this type of tea helps you lose weight while you sleep, with the advantage that it does not interfere with the quality of your sleep.

Ideally, the last dose should be taken with enough time to be able to digest before going to bed, that is, At least two to three hours before bed. This way you will rest better and digestion will not affect your sleep.

In addition, it is important to note that the science indicates that eating more breakfast and less dinner helps you lose weight This does not mean that you should skip dinner. In fact, not eating anything at night can backfire and make you fat.

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