Do you download a pirate movie and get a message asking for money? Yes it happened

in countries like Germany or the United States It is not possible to hack without a VPN, because they have implemented a system tres strokes. If they catch you three times IP download content by torrent, they can go to Fine you hundreds of Euro. These messages come close to extortion, as they urge the user to pay in exchange for not going to trial. Thus, hundreds or thousands of these types of lawsuits can be a huge source of income for businesses.

Messages from a company that owns a movie

Now, there’s a new country whose citizens are struggling with these kinds of cards: the United Kingdom. There is a judge who gave permission to the American company Voltage holdings To send messages to suspected hackers in the country. The first to receive it were customers Virgin operator.

In the message, Voltage Holdings states that it discovered your IP address through a file sharing Torrent content. This is amazing IP It is owned by Virgin, so the company continues to contact the operator to pass on the data of who was using that IP address on the day and time the content was shared. The content in this case is the movie Ava.

The message assumes that The owner of this IP address He is the one who downloaded the content, which is not true in many cases. For example, it could be someone in the house, or even someone stealing your WiFi. In this case, the company leaves the door open for the user to defend themselves and claim that it was not who downloaded the content.

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innocent until proven otherwise

However, if the user cannot prove that he is not the person who Downloaded contentThen you will have to sign an agreement with the company that you promise not to infringe your copyright again, and you will also have to pay compensation. The number they requested did not appear, but it is likely to be in the hundreds of euros. receptors have 14 days to respondHowever, it is recommended that they receive legal advice before doing so.

Virgin confirmed that it released user data to the company after being requested by a judge. Such a situation could be repeated in Spain, which has already happened in the past. Fortunately, in these cases, the company He has no clue that the user has committed copyright infringement overrides the IP. It will be the judge who will have to determine whether this is true or not.

Effort is likely to be required Select users of more operators. In the past, cases similar to these have been resolved in favor of UK customers. In Spain, the latter case was resolved differently in two courts, in one of which users were acquitted, and in the other they were convicted.

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