The Comedian will be released on January 14th on Netflix

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Mexico City. – A movie made with a very good atmosphere that combines comedy and drama which has allowed some of the cast and actresses in the cast to try out a new genre, ‘comedy’, which arrives next Friday on Netflix.

It stars Gabriel Nuncio, who also directed it with Rodrigo Guardiola, and is also a member of the musical group ZoĆ©. Although the viewer might think, by its title, that laughter is guaranteed, it is worth noting that the filmmakers themselves consider it a “tragicomedy” with a heavy dose of dark humor.

The viewer laughs, because it’s a funny movie, but it goes above and beyond with the intention of easily eliciting laughter, as it tackles issues like parenting, career failure, and the aftermath.

The original music was provided by Chetes, who also had a piano collaboration with Rosso, who became famous with Plastilina Mosh. Among the actors are Cecilia Suarez, Tenoch Huerta, Cassandra Ciangirotti, Adriana Paz and Herlani Rodriguez, who are famous for social networks.

Other movie news

It’s official! The Netflix series will premiere “Emily in Paris” for the third and fourth seasons, although a release date has not been announced. What is known is that production is already working on new chapters and that at least Lily Collins and Lucas Bravo, who play the main characters in the story, continue to be part of the project.

The music of Disney’s animated film “Incanto” topped the Billboard 200 chart, which ranked the most popular album of the week in the United States. The film won its category at the recent Golden Globe Awards.

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