do you agree? ‘Top 5’ duels between Alonso and Hamilton, according to F1

Formula 1 on summer vacation. The Belgian GP will be asking for more, but that doesn’t mean the great circus is closing its doors. Moreover, a good time is to travel to the past, just as they did. on its official website Remember the legendary battles of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

And yes, there is the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix. With Alpine, Astorian brakes, a Mercedes It was 2 seconds per lap faster And it has better frames. However, for more than ten laps, Luis was behind Fernando.

He shut all possible doors in his face, and first raised the complaints of the Englishman and then praised him. His work allowed Esteban Ocon’s victory, A first for Alpine in Formula 1 … and since 2008 for Renault.

It all started at McLaren

The list begins with Mexico 2017. There, in Hermanos Rodriguez, they faced the ninth place. Back then, with McLaren Honda what it is, Alonso defended himself as best he could thanks to DRS Kevin Magnussen… But once he lost, the party was over. I got him back over four laps.

Before that, in 2013, there were massive duels between the two. In Canada, the same thing, where they both touched. Hamilton was ahead, but Alonso was much faster accompanies him.

Later, Lewis looked for a counterattack but it did not go well. Alonso closed the spaces and sprinted forward.

In Germany Fernando also attacked. Hamilton was riding smashed tires, But he still managed to hold Alonso behind him until he got to the pits.

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At McLaren in 2007, he fought equally with both on the same team. It was in the US, which was Hamilton’s second victory in Formula One. In his debut year, Hamilton kept the same genre Having a champion twice at the same time on the finish line. It was a battle for victory.

F1 “proud” of champions

To see how many duels remain between the two, and hopefully the next one will be like the one in the United States, in equality and With both of them fighting for victory. Formula 1 is shaken when Hamilton and Alonso face each other on the track.

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