“Djokovic, a legend; Federer, a goat, Nadal? That’s tough…”

At Wimbledon there is Carlos Alcaraz and also Novak Djokovic, but he is not Nick Kyrgios, which can offer a lot of supply. The Australian, who is recovering from injury, has hardly spoken in the media, but has now admitted Interview with MensHealth in which he really returned, when he left, answering for everything, both for himself and for his rivals. “The word that comes to my mind is original. I like to do things my way and have been that way since I was little. A good example is that I never stay inside the lines. I am always challenged, I ask questions. I want to know why I do things, Whether it’s in my everyday life or in the game. So, yeah, that’s my mentality: to be original,” he says. I think I’ve always been a perfectionist and sometimes I get better. I have to spark myself up, break out of a routine, and get my energy levels up. A mental explosion can make me go. It’s all about balance. All athletes get into a zone and need a little energy,” he says, justifying his outbursts.

It is recognized as very competitive: “I hate to lose. Yes, hating losing is closest to me. This applies to anything, anywhere, whether I’m playing tennis or playing video games. I can’t stand losing. I also love to win, but for me, having the ability not to lose is what I love the most, ”he says and emphasizes that he does not have many friends in tennis: two Americans – Jack Sock is a good friend – and two of my countrymen. Tough, because it’s a very competitive sport and you all play against each other every week. We eat together, we see each other all the time.”

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She says further That Australia is a racist country: “Yes, I experienced bad racism. Australia is a very racist country in general, and it’s one of the most racist countries in the world” He adds: “I and my family have been told by some of the most famous people in Australian sport to leave where we come from. Unacceptable and unacceptable things absolutely acceptable.”

He also maintains that the injury wasn’t bad for him: “I had a great time. If you look at the last decade of my life, day after day, week after week, I’ve been traveling and playing, traveling, playing, without seeing family for months, missing important events, and suddenly I had time to be normal and spend time with the most important people in my life.So you can’t get mad about needing a rest.I enjoyed it.You have to look at the hand you have and see what you can do with it.It’s not like tennis is the only thing I do. I do a lot of things.”

Kyrgios, on who is better: Nadal, Federer or Djokovic


  • Djokovic: “I would say the word to describe him has changed maybe six times in the time I’ve known him. But for now, the word is a myth. He is a true legend of the sport. What I love about Novak is that it handles a lot of crap, but it just keeps going. He has a fan base where many people like him and not many people like him. Sometimes he doesn’t know where he can play, in which tournament, he has to deal with a lot of other people’s opinions, and he just does. that’s cool
  • Federer: “Goats, the best of the best. You’ll never find anyone who plays like him. So pure, so natural, the way he plays… yeah, pure.”
  • Nadal: “I would like to say … [pausa] God, this is hard. [Pausa] I have never seen anyone so powerful in my entire life. He’s a great athlete, but yeah, he’s strong.”
  • Britain’s Andy Murray: “A very underrated player. And one of the funniest players I’ve ever met. I know his sense of humor isn’t always appreciated in the UK, but he’s a lot of fun.”
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He also tells how his depression was: “I was sedated. It was running on autopilot every day. It alienates family, friends, and relationships. My career has been on autopilot. I did things because they told me to do them. I literally didn’t feel a thing. I just felt something when I did those things [autolesionarme, cortarme o quemarme] Or when I drank this when I felt good, and it’s alarming. I was playing in tournaments, and thousands of people were watching me, and I didn’t feel anything. Most people will be satisfied that they can do this. I freaked out. It was a tough time, it wasn’t fun, it wasn’t even close to decent.”


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