Difficulty with antiviral treatment in hospital

Elena Muniz and Jesus Sierra.

BaxlovidAnd the remdesivirAnd the Molnopiravir and antibodies monoclonal. These are the types Antivirals Currently on treatment covid patients. However, as I learned medical writing، Some health professionals acknowledge the difficulty they encounter when prescribing bureaucracy What should happen. To solve this problem and Facilitate your prescriptionAnd the Elena MunizAssistant Physician in the Infectious Diseases Unit of the Internal Medicine Service at Puerta de Hierro Hospital, confirms to this method that ” The only solution is to allow the use of these antivirals in the context of the registry“.

In this way, according to Moniz, “the indication of these antivirals is allowed, but”Including data to be able to analyze the results and create evidence about it‘, thus eliminating The difficulty they face today with regard to administrative procedures. Difficulty extending from health centers to hospitals where “there is Barriers to administering antivirals In patients with covid, especially with monoclonal antibodiesMoniz explains.

For an internist, this situation is caused by “the monoclonal antibodies You must go through the first pointer check, which must review Expert Committee Finally, make a decision.” Likewise, Muniz adds that this decision varies greatly because, on occasion, it happens that “the professional is not satisfied with the monoclonal antibody indication in these patients, however, the committee agrees.” Or, on the contrary, as it also happens, the commission gives its signals and does not agree to its management. ”

In this sense, Moniz points out that “the monoclonal antibodiesFrom vein and act like a Direct antiviral against SARS-CoV-2they have quite a few limitations. ‘A case does not happen’ with remdesivir, and in the case of Paxlovid, not to mention much more.”

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The bureaucratic problems that professionals encounter when prescribing antivirals depend on the type of antiviral used.

For a professional, in general, “the bureaucratic problems that professionals face when it comes to it Recipe Antivirals Depends on the type of antivirus used and the activity status in particular.” An opinion is also shared Jesus SierraHead of the Hospital Pharmacy Department at Hospital de Jerez and spokesperson for the Spanish Association of Hospital Pharmacy (SEFH), who confirms medical writing That “there are two great difficulties.”

On the other hand, the drawback “from the point of view of interactions, as is the case with baxlovid, which is contraindicated in a very high percentage of patients due to the prohibition of its combination with “ritonavir”, Antivirus It interferes with many treatments that patients are undergoing.

On the other hand, “for those patients who cannot be cured Baxlovidit is recommended to deal with remdesivir, Where there is a logistical problem. In addition to being intravenously, it is given to a patient who is not hospitalized for three days, which results in that person going to the hospital in that period.”

How do these problems affect the patient’s health?

Sierra also explains how difficult this can be for health professionals to deal with treatments Antivirals. In this sense, he stresses that “the population is at a high risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus. However, it must be taken into account that according to studies, the proportion of patients who regress to infection with Covid-19 virus is from seven to 14 percent, compared to 80% of those who do not return to this disease state.” There is a “not very significant” difference between patients who may have severe coronavirus.

Instead, according to Sierra, this data is pulled from “Unvaccinated patientsTherefore, it will be necessary first to study the “protective ability of vaccines in these patients”, because “it has already been observed that the vaccine protects against progression to a more serious disease but not from infection.” Once it is over, “it should be Prescribe antivirals for this type of patient‘, he concludes.

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