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The Democratic Party won control of the US Senate by 50 seats, before the impending victory of Representative Catherine Cortez Masto, Nevada, according to expectations, Saturday.

Thus, President Joe Biden’s party is gaining a majority in the Senate, compared to the 49 Republicans have so far, according to US media estimates.

The second round of elections in Georgia, to be held on December 6, will determine which party will take the last undecided seat in this midterm election. Even if Republicans win the upcoming election in Georgia, the Democratic Party will maintain the majority, because President Kamala Harris has a casting vote in the event of a tie in the Senate.

Following Saturday’s results, it has not yet been decided which party will win the majority of seats in the House of Representatives, while vote counting is progressing in different states of the country. US media projections currently indicate that the Republicans will get 211 of the 218 seats needed for a majority in the House of Representatives, while the Democratic Party will have 204 seats.

If Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock were to win the December 6 run-off election in Georgia against Republican challenger Hershel Walker, a 51-49 majority would give Democrats an added advantage in passing a few bills that could move forward with a simple majority, instead of the 60 needed for most Legislation. “We are now focused on Georgia,” President Joe Biden said in a statement.

Democrats have succeeded in resisting the Republican wave despite the fact that the US Chambers will be predictably divided, with a Democratic majority in the Senate and a Republican in the House, which will make it difficult to implement Biden’s political platform.

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However, the outcome of this election undermines Donald Trump’s aspirations to repeat as a candidate for the White House in the 2024 presidential election, a possibility he proposed just before this election. In fact, many of the more extreme Republican candidates, with Trump’s support, failed to win seats, and failed to gain sufficient majorities of conservative and centrist votes as well.

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