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Cyberpunk 2077 expands with Phantom Liberty, a master class in how to wash the face of a poorly launched game. We tell you in this review!

It’s been three years since December 2020, when Cyberpunk 2077 and its yellow screens received what could be one of the most disastrous launches in the past 10 years of gaming. From there onwards, it was all there. Lawsuits, over $50 million in losses due to returns, and even the removal of the Play Station from the store.

The storm passed, patches came out, and the anime’s debut increased the numbers of people playing the game… and the studio Red CD Project They have dedicated the past three years to giving what they consider fair treatment Cyberpunk 2077 And his world. This is how it comes Illusory freedom, this downloadable content (DLC) that promises to erase the wounds left by the game’s launch. We want to tell you how this new expansion will change or complement your experience.

What is Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and how to play?

Cyberpunk 2077 It’s a game that focuses on replayability and the number of options it can provide to change the experience every time we start a new game. From three different character backgrounds to various mechanical options that adapt to each player according to their play style.

Illusory freedom that it Downloadable content Which offers new options, new mechanics, and a series of elements that complement and enrich the game’s story. It’s a “spy thriller” that expands the city and takes us into a neighborhood Dogtown. There we will meet something new National People’s Congress of China A dark narrative can be played together or separately from the main story, but it can affect the ending we get.

To play Illusory freedom We will have 3 alternatives. The first is to start with a game we already have and get into the game. You should receive the quest as soon as it becomes available according to the story. The second is to start the game from scratch. The third is to skip the beginning mission and intro and start directly from the beginning of the expansion. In all three cases, our characters’ perk points will be reset (We won’t lose them, but we can reset them) So you can enjoy the new skill system. In the latter case, our character will appear directly at level 20.

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We advise you to start from scratch. Many missions Illusory freedom They have details from the base game and you will need to refresh your memory. For us, without focusing too much on the side quests, it took us about 12 hours to access the DLC.

What’s new in Phantom Liberty and patch 2.0?

This DLC includes 13 new story missions, a standalone chapter, and a new ending to the base game. It also has 17 new quests and side missions that you can do Dogtown, the new part of Night City. Includes new open world activities, new weapons, vehicles, consumables and clothing.

inside Dogtown We can play “Shock Drama” in the arcades, a new little game, and we’ll walk the streets to the beat of the new radio stations.

No, you still can’t turn to Kenaw Reeves. decadent.

The DLC, along with the 2.0 patch, will include gameplay changes that improve the overall gaming experience.

  • Vehicle combat – Now you can shoot from the top of your motorcycle or car
  • New police system – Similar to GTA, you will add stars. A large number of stars means a visit from Max-Tac.
  • New benefits system – An improved perk tree lets you explore the different types of characters you can play.
  • Cyber ​​shields and programs – It improves your experience as a cybernetic runner overall, and now the armor is attached to the cybernetic parts of your character, rather than to the clothing they use.
  • Durability: It now decomposes only when shooting and not when playing
  • quack – New animations and UI make visiting the doctor much better to improve your electronics.
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No spoilers – what happens in Dogtown?

You completed a task voodoo Boys, Our character will receive a call from a mysterious woman called… Songbird. Suggest treatment for infestation remains to your system, but will only be given to you in exchange for completing a complex task…Rescue the new President of the United States who has been kidnapped.

The premise is quite basic but the progression of the story from here is definitely interesting. The NPCs have very good depth and the new neighborhood has a lot of love at the top. Story of the Illusory freedom And it’s so perfectly cohesive with the rest, that you almost won’t feel like it’s an extra. But the ideal situation at this point is to play it at the same time as the original story.

The story, the moral aspects and the decisions we will have to make, give our world much more life than it had before.

How long will it take us more or less to overcome this expansion? And…a little over 20 hours if you do it really quickly. Expanding with all letters, yes.

Dogtown It also has a lot to do and explore. Many side quests and few jobs to do. Maybe it’s still not a game JTAbut without a doubt today it is a polished, complete world, and far more immersive than it was when it launched.

In this second round of CyberpunkNever get bored or explore an empty world. On the contrary, we had plenty of things to do and places to go. The police are certainly more vigilant and escape will be more difficult. New possibilities for the perk tree improve the experience and suddenly what we were told about the game’s replayability makes sense again.

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And performance? What about performance?

Calm down, don’t yell at us. The game still contains some small bugs – Menus that stick, animations that fail, and kinda small things-, but is perfectly optimized for mid-range/high-end computers. We understand that the experience on next-gen consoles – this DLC is not available for last-gen – will be similar to playing on a high-end PC. In our case, we played it on both PC and high-end PS5 and didn’t really notice any issues that bothered us when running it.

We play it with quality high.We use an AMD Ryzen 3600 processor with 16GB of RAM and an NVIDIA 3080 video card.

We had no FPS jumps, no PC overheating, And we don’t need an exorcist to calm down the computer after playing. With PS5… everything is beautiful and without problems.


Illusory freedom is “Middle East and Africa Negligence” By CD Projectk Red for the original game. The game that taught us that we should never buy anything in advance unless you live in Argentina and the exchange rate is different is finally getting the justice it deserves.

Being the only expansion the game will have, it has been polished with great care and love. It is undoubtedly as it should always be Cyberpunk 2077.

release date September 26, 2023
Developer Red CD Project
distributor Red CD Project
Chinese People’s Liberation ArmyTAFORMS PlayStation 5, Xbox Series Yes, BC

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