Customs denounced the food company for not export invoices

Buenos Aires food company Molinos Tres Arroyos was denounced by customs for not invoicing its exports of 76 percent dry pasta, for which it could be fined nearly $12 billion.

Customs said exports to Chile were triangulated via shell companies based in the United States. The agency conducted an analysis based on the exchange of customs information: 162 transactions amounted to a total value of $21,594,260.52. Thus, under the provisions of Article 954 of the Customs Code, a fine of $11,960,997,729.53 can be imposed.

The General Directorate of Customs expanded a complaint it had already filed with Federal Court No. 1 in Mendoza. An analysis by specialized agents of the General Directorate of Customs found that Molinos Tres Arroyos SA did not invoice 162 exports to Chile, which were segregated via the United States.

Between taxes owed and violations, the company could face a fine of nearly $12 billion under the provisions of Section 954 of the Customs Code.

The aim of the maneuver in question was to evade taxes on exports and to bring foreign currency into the country in an amount less than the amount actually run. Implemented from 2020 onwards, prior to which sales were made directly to the Chilean buyer.

Customs has verified that the sales prices of the intermediary in the United States are much lower than those declared when the goods enter Chile.

The detected variances were, on average, 78%, indicating repayment margin by the third operator that is not consistent with normal business practices.

In all cases, the goods were sent directly from Tres Arroyos to Chile, so there is no tangible added value offered by the US middlemen to justify the re-invoicing of prices in the northern hemisphere.

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In light of the irregular process, the organization led by Guillermo Michele expanded a criminal complaint it had already filed with Federal Court No. 1 of Mendoza Province.

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