Cuba maintains development goals despite the hostility of the United States – Prensa Latina

The Deputy Prime Minister stressed, in a press conference, that there is a balance on the behavior of the national economy during the first four months of this year, that Cuba will not abandon its development goals or adopt neoliberal measures or shocking treatments against it. Complex situation.

Among the country’s priorities, he mentioned improving the state-owned company, expanding self-employment (the private sector), producing food, diversifying exports and implementing the so-called mission command, a process that the government has classified as complex and not free of difficulties and challenges.

In this context, he noted that although the revival of tourism in the short term is uncertain, which is a key aspect of the economic recovery, alternatives are being sought to comply with the National Plan for Economic and Social Development until 2030.

He also stressed that the state gives priority to developing a socialist state project that enjoys greater independence and self-management, in addition to its link to the non-governmental sector.

He also highlighted that during the celebration of the Eighth Congress of the Cuban Communist Party, the modernization of the economic model was assessed in depth and 201 new guidelines were approved.

Meanwhile, he highlighted the achievements of Cuban science with candidate vaccines against Covid-19, in the midst of a tightening economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington and the scarcity of resources and resource limitations caused by the epidemic.

Regarding the latter, Gil explained that in the area of ​​health, the island has committed more than $ 300 million to investments related to the acquisition of diagnostic tests (PCR) (polymerase chain reaction) and the operation of laboratories.

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