Creating lists in WhatsApp will not be a problem soon

This summer, there are many news related to the new functions that WhatsApp is testing, some of which are already available, such as the ability to send photos we take with our phone in the original resolution. Again, we have to go through this platform to show you the new functionality that they’re already working on and that will allow us to format text with more options than we already have.

WhatsApp allows us to coordinate the messages we send through this platform using Bold, italic, underline, and monospace. These options are more than enough for most users, however, Meta considers them to be few and is already testing 3 new ways to display messages. As we can read in Wabetainfo, the three new functions of text formatting on this platform are:

  • Show text quotes
  • Create text lists
  • Show the code accurately

At the moment these functions are only available via the beta version of the WhatsApp Desktop application. The Show Text Quotes feature allows users to highlight a specific part of the text unlike the available feature where we cannot highlight the part we are talking about.

The second function, creating text lists, is one of the options that this platform should have introduced many years ago, because it is especially useful when we want to create a list of things to do, shopping list, etc., without having to create text lists. Distribute text using hyphens or commas.

last post Focuses on a very specific segment of users, is designed so that programmers and developers can share code without modifying the platform to some parameters as it currently does. This last function is not as useful as the previous two since programmers and developers do not use WhatsApp to share code precisely because of the explanation it gives for some flags.

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All these functions are very good, however, as WhatsApp needs to be improved, and a lot is to implement a way so that it is not necessary to use icons to be able to use these functions, because in the end, the utility goes we don’t notice it unless we have a need to use it on a daily basis and we put in Always considering how we should implement it and a clear example of that, to write bold text we should put an asterisk

Before and after the text, which is a very non-intuitive way.

As mentioned above, this new functionality is currently in beta in the WhatsApp Desktop version, however, it will not be limited to this version, but will also be available in the iOS and Android version and across the web. Regarding when it will be implemented, the Wabetainfo team does not have an answer to this question because it all depends on how the functionality develops among the users who are lucky enough to try this function.

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