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Last time we saw a YouTuber JT del canal de YouTube BUILT IRL, succeeded in creating a working copy of pistol Hook from Batman. But the Dark Knight wasn’t the only superhero they wanted to emulate, and this time they managed to do it working copy from spider web Spider Man. It’s not a perfect version and there were no radioactive spiders involved in the process, but the results are still the best we’ve seen so far.

As with most Tools Trusted by our favorite superheroes, Peter Parker’s cobwebs (at least the mechanical ones, not the organic ones sticking out of his wrists) can’t exist in real life quite as they appear in the comics and movies. Special effects artists do most of the heavy lifting that makes Spider-Man seem to move effortlessly from building to building on the big screen, but talented mechanical engineers like JT bring us closer to realizing that fantasy.

JT has tried in the past to create spider tissues of this type In real lifeBut the results were incredibly complex, including the need to carry an air compressor in a backpack, as well as wrist ejectors, heavy-duty cable reels, and intricate touch-sensitive gloves that allow the mechanisms to be operated with fingers and wrist straps. It wasn’t even close to the hardware used by the “real” Spider-Man, and it wasn’t safe, which was especially annoying for JT, who lacks superpowers and superpowers.

His latest attempt is to drastically simplify the hardware. Instead of releasing a cable with a grappling hook at the end that can be mechanically wound to facilitate subsequent changes, JT created a simple metal tube, powered by compressed propane and a specially designed lighter, that would release a long, compact cable. Metal hooks that can be secured when wrapped around a metal crossbar.

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The use of ultra-light explosives means that spiderweb shooters must be refilled with a special machine between each use, which isn’t really a halfway option. Therefore, JT built 7 pitchers, which allowed him to use several pitchers in a row and switch between them from swing to swing. But this is easier said than done, and after a week of training in a facility with plenty of soft spots to land safely, JT was able to complete two and a half twists of the building’s metal girders before plummeting back to the ground on his feet. feet.

He might not be as brilliant as what Tom Holland seems to do in the Marvel movies (most of the time he’s actually a digital version doing amazing aerobatics), but watching JT do it and knowing he’s a real human (plus that dramatic landing at the end) makes this creation More impressive.

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