Counter-Strike 2 is still scheduled to launch this summer, and Valve announces interesting news for competitive players

With a few weeks left until it is published Counter Strike 2As long as the still-current release date of summer 2023 is met, Valve has provided more details about Archer Tactical that will come as Free update to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I will have her New competitive mode and new ranking system Competitive gaming rounds are reduced. Moreover, they have been calling since this Friday More players We entered the closed beta and introduced the Inferno map into it.

The new competitive mode is called Leading It will allow players to choose and contest which maps will be released. The results of the Premier League matches will be determined “New and accurate classification”In the words of Gabe Newell Company. This classification is valid for one season (duration has not been determined) and is divided into three sections: Friends, region and global tables.

Another novelty will have a greater impact. The player’s class, the rank that indicates his skill, and the players he is paired with Good luckis calculated by the map. Valve exemplifies this: a player can be in the global party in Vertigo and in the master class in Mirage. On the other hand, for casual players they have announced A New map set creation system More versatile.

They also announced that Premier, Competitive and Main tournament matches will have a maximum of 24 rounds With an extension of six if necessary. The change, Valve says, is because over the past decade they’ve modernized the game by balancing weapons and economics, thus reducing the number of uncontested rounds. “Because of these changes, Exciting competitive risks can be resolved with fewer rounds“, they conclude.

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Hell comes down to limited testing

In the to update Published on Friday CS2In addition to adding premium mode, they have Including a map of hellwhich has been slightly revised compared to its version Global aggression. In addition, they have begun a process Invite “as many eligible players as possible” to Limited testing. Only those with prime minister status CS: Gowhich has Skill set competitive in Good luck Officially and they play the majority of their official games in one of the regions where limited testing is available.

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