Costa Rican band Soap stars in the famous movie Scream 6

by Luana Urjuela Murcia | March 11, 2023, 5:08 p.m

Costa Rican freelance band Soap jewelry In the famous movie scream 6.

jewelry It is about the fear of unrequited love. Their sound has a retro influence, using synthesizers and drum machine Heavy, typical of the 80’s. Published in 2021.

Soap is a musical project lo fi Online featuring three Costa Rican musicians and a French singer, who have created their own music from Costa Rica, France and Moscow. All of its members (Ernesto Arevalo, Alfredo Arevalo and Mariano Mendoza) are graduates of Franco Costa Rican High School.

The soap is made by Ernesto Arevalo, Adele Bohm, Alfredo Arevalo, and Mariano Mendoza.

This is a kind of musical group Pop bedroom They are ranked as one of the most listened to Costa Rican groups on Spotify, with 125,000 monthly listeners and six million views among their seven singles on that platform.

However, most of their audience is not in Costa Rica, as they get more listeners from countries like Mexico and the United States, as well as 125 other countries.

Connect with the franchise Scream This was done through the Lyric House LLC agency, which contacted British producer Stone Rolla Records, representative of the Soap band for two years.

Courteney Cox, Melissa Barrera, Gina Ortega and Hayden Panettiere are also part of the cast.

at recent days , New soap bachelor titled starsAvailable on all digital platforms. This piece deals with, through a “dreamy” setting, the drama of digital relationships at a distance.

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