Science fiction films were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture

Check out our list of the best science fiction films nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture in the history of the award.

the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences never before seen in the cinematic genre, i.e. relating to terrorism, extravagant Wave Sci-fi. Although there are great movies in one of these three classifications, Hollywood has always preferred to stay away from them. However, throughout history, it has been Science fiction cinema She managed to sneak in one of her many Oscar nominations. This is what we consider 10 science fiction films have been nominated for the Best Picture Oscar.

Clockwork Orange (1971) Dear Stanley Kubrick

In 1969, Masterpiece Stanley KubrickAnd 2001: A Space Odysseyhas been ignored before academy to compete for a statuette in the Best Picture category, despite being one of the best films in history. Instead, at the 1972 ceremony, Clockwork Orange Yes, he was among the nominees for the higher category. However, this film, which remains one of Kubrick’s great gems, could not win the award.

star Wars (1977) Der George Lucas

Although it is not a serious sci-fi movie for many, star Wars It is part of the genre in and of itself. Given the boom that premiere meant in the ’70s, the Academy probably had no choice but to include it Compete for the highest award. Of course it didn’t win, but no one is going to take away the distinction of being an Academy Award-nominated science fiction film for Best Picture.

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Alien E.T (1982) Dir Steven Spielberg

He’s one of Most beloved movies of all time Thanks to the alien who came to earth to steal our hearts. The production received several nominations, including Best Picture, though it did not win in that category. However, it is one of the best value bars out there Steven Spielberg and science fiction classics.

symbol picture (2009) dir. James Cameron

James Cameron He’s responsible for one of the most innovative and visually dangerous films ever made. Everything happens on this planet Pandorawhich has become an icon in the realms of fantasy and science. The tape was nominated for Best Picture without getting a statuette. However, he now has a new opportunity with production Avatar: Water RoadWhich was nominated in the same category in 2023.

beginning (2010) Dear Christopher Nolan

This is a great story to spy and tickets to subliminal It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture, but only managed to win in the categories of Best Cinematography, Sound, Sound Editing, and Visual Effects. It might have deserved better luck considering its fantastic plot, multi-star cast and flawless direction.

Ha (2013) Dear Spike Jonze

Made by Spike Jonze as writer and director and Joaquin Phoenix in the title role HaA likable, at the same time disturbing, film that explores the love relationships between a human being and a woman artificial intelligence. The story is a reflection on loneliness, the role of technology in our lives, and the way we interpret love.

The Martian (2015) Abbey Ridley Scott

The exploration and colonization of Mars is one of the long-term projects of NASA and other space agencies in the world. For science fiction in literature and film, it is an area that has been explored for many years. The Martian It is a lovely story about a An astronaut stranded on the red planet With all the challenges and implications of this. Its Best Picture nomination was well deserved, though like all productions, it was more than likely beaten. That was it.

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Access (2016) Dir Denis Villeneuve

before DuneAnd Denis Villeneuve He directed another Oscar-nominated science fiction film: Access. Although he did not win the award, the nomination was a testament to Villeneuve’s mastery of the genre, which has become one of his own. Great preachers. Access is an arsenal of great assets, excellent special effects, and a thoughtful story.

Dune (2021) Dir Denis Villeneuve

Dune It was a dedication to Denis Villeneuve as a science fiction mastermind. This tape is the best adaptation of the novel of the same title written by him Frank Herbert. Dune Exciting, poignant, complex and other qualities that will not end with describing the great miracle that this film represents.

Everything everywhere at once (2022) Der Dan Kwan Daniel Scheinert

Halfway between martial arts, fantasy cinema and science fiction, Everything everywhere at once It’s also a sample of one of science’s greatest topics: the multiverse. The film was nominated for no fewer than 11 Oscars 2023 editionwhich shows that science fiction is still a field recognized by the academy, although it has not yet been measured.

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