Coronavirus in Chile: Santiago records its worst infection figures in 11 months – economic, financial and business news

The Metropolitan region of Chilewhose capital is Santiago, Over 4,000 coronavirus infections per day for the first time in more than 11 months The country has the second highest number of new positive cases since the start of the epidemic, Despite the advanced vaccination campaign.

According to the latest report issued by the Ministry of Health, 4,245 new positives were detected in the last day. Worst number since June 14, 2020.

Healthcare in the metropolitan area started causing concern a few weeks ago and that’s why More than half of the communes retreated under a step-by-step planIt is the phased health plan that the country is facing the epidemic.

They are investigating cases of fainting and extreme fatigue in Chile after receiving a vaccine purchased by Argentina

The region has not exceeded the 4000 mark since the first waveSpecifically, since June 19 last year (4,421), that is, in 11 months and 15 days.

In the country as a whole, the health portfolio reported 8,867 new cases in the past 24 hours, The second highest number in the epidemic. Since the beginning of the epidemic, in March 2020, the number of infected people in Chile has reached 1,420,266 people, of whom 1,342,080 have recovered.

Chile is one of the countries that has progressed the fastest in the mass vaccination process. With an immunization program that includes different vaccines: Pfizer, Sinovac, AstraZeneca and Cansino.

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“We managed to get vaccinated More than 8 million people with both doses, Representing more than 53% of the target population of 15.2 millionChilean President Sebastian Pera said.

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To date, the Chilean vaccination strategy has collected 71.2% of vaccines with the first dose and has already started the immunization phase for people aged 23-25 ​​years.

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