Ukraine strike against Russia: Kiev forces destroy two more invasion ships in the Black Sea

Kiev forces destroyed two more invasion ships in the Black Sea. (Reuters)

The Ukrainian Army’s Strategic Communication Center confirmed on Thursday that Kiev forces damaged two more Russian military ships, this time. Two Vasily Bykov-class patrol boats, in the southwestern region of the Black Sea.

These attacks, about which Kiev has not provided further details at the present time, would have occurred on Thursday morning. Also on the same date, Ukrainian military intelligence sources reported They claimed responsibility for an attack that would have destroyed the Russian Triumph anti-missile system located in western Crimea.

“On the morning of September 14, the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck two patrol ships of Project 22160 Vasily Bykov belonging to the Russian occupation fleet in the southwestern part of the Black Sea,” reads the brief statement issued by the Ukrainian Strategic Communications Center about the attack on two ships. “There was some damage done.” The official note concludes.

Russia used this type of ship to defend Crimea from Ukrainian attacks by sea. In addition, Moscow has used these ships to obstruct the navigation of commercial ships heading to Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea.

A ship and a submarine were damaged and a major fire broke out

The attack on the two ships reported by Kiev is the third launched by Ukrainian forces against Russian ships and strategic infrastructure in the Crimean Peninsula and the Black Sea.. In the early hours of Wednesday, Ukrainian missiles damaged a landing ship and a submarine moored at the Sevastopol shipyard, which also suffered damage.

In recent weeks, Ukraine has used sea and air missiles and drones to attack Russian bases in Crimea and warships of the Russian fleet near the coast of the occupied peninsula.

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Thus, Kiev seeks to move closer to its goal of reclaiming the peninsula and restoring freedom of navigation in the Black Sea, whose blockade imposed by Russia has deprived Ukrainian exports and imports of access to the sea.

On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is preparing a diplomatic campaign to regain the initiative after the G20 recently refused to condemn Russia over its military intervention, which represents an unexpected setback for Kiev.

Zelensky will leave Ukraine next week, seeking greater international support. (Europe Press)

To that end, Zelensky will travel to New York next week to address the UN General Assembly and meet with as many leaders as possible, including Secretary-General António Guterres.

The press, which had already rated the trip an A “Special Diplomatic Operation”It highlights that Zelensky intends to focus on the Global South, because that is where the most frequent clients and customers of Russian hydrocarbons, grains and weapons are located.

Putin, who has not traveled abroad at all this year, will not attend the General Assembly as his foreign minister will take his place. Sergey Lavrov.

(With information from EFE)

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