Circumstances in which Harry and Meghan Markle had to attend the coronation of King Charles III: The Duke of Sussex demanded front-row positions and not as before when they landed with the ‘crowd’ | people | entertainment

Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the coronation ceremony King Charles IIIFinally, a few days ago, Buckingham Palace confirmed an engagement Prince Harry for his father’s party.

He will be joined by the Duke of Sussex family More than two thousand guests will witness the coronation of the king and his wife. Camilla ParkerNext May 6th. It will be the first time Harry will meet the Windsors after the publication of his controversial memoir, Spear, it has been reported. Spanish.

Prince Harry will attend the coronation without Meghan Markle

Although it was thought that they would go together, Prince Harry will go on his own. despite of Meghan Markle She was also invited, and in the end she wouldn’t come. As mentioned before BBCthe an actress He will stay at home California take care of their children, Archie (3) f Lilibet Diana (1). On the same day as the coronation of Carlos and Camila, the eldest son of the Sussexes will celebrate his fourth birthday.

The new snub of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: their children Archie and Lilibet are not invited to the coronation of their grandfather Carlos III, but Camilla’s grandchildren will attend

Harry and Meghan received the invitation over a month ago via email, but their response came at the same time as confirmation from others. royal representatives And different personalities from all over the world.

The organizing team hopes that the couple will come United kingdom The weekend before the coronation to prevent the first family reunion at the time of the ceremony, which leads to a distraction on a historic day. But now, with the apparent absence of Meghan Markle, it is not known whether the monarch will want to follow the same plan.

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Prince Harry wanted to know where he would be seated at the ceremony

As of now, it is not known whether Prince Harry will have any relevant role on Coronation Day, as he is not an active member of the royal family. British crown.

Rose Hanbury in front of Kate Middleton at the coronation of Carlos III? The two ‘contenders’ would face each other, with the son of William’s alleged lover, Oliver Cholmondeley, one of the King’s pages.

However, after her memories were leaked, Sunday times I reported that the Duke of Sussex was going to be removed from the front line of the ceremony.

“I can reveal that Prince Harry has been removed from the coronation script, without having an official role in the service if he attended,” he wrote on his Twitter account. Twitter Royal Publisher said half.

The expert also noted that King Charles would not allow the monarch’s duchesses (such as Prince Harry) to kneel before him as a sign of regards. Only his eldest son Prince William He will play this role.

For her part, the Spanish presenter, Nuria Marin, from her TikTok account, referring to sources from the Daily Mail, indicates that Prince Harry asked to know in advance where he was, and in front of and behind whom, where his desire was. Stand out at the party and not go unnoticed as in the past.

In recent events, they occupied a place that Diana’s son did not like, because at the platinum jubilee of the late Queen Elizabeth, they were seated with the “crowd” and did not have eye contact with the active members of the royal family. (And the)

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