Cartagena Film Festival 2021: A Tribute to Terry Gilliam and other details on the release of “Interruptus”

The event this year can be enjoyed in person and outdoors in the so-called “Full Moon” program, a program that until June 24 shows 25 feature films and 34 short films.

The Cartagena International Film FestivalOn Wednesday, Vichy presented “Interruptus,” a special edition that takes place between March and October of this year.

Listed by the organizers as’Act of resistance“This release aims to bring back the city, citizens, tourists and filmmakers the space and spirit that has worked for decades to celebrate national and foreign cinematography.

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Felipe injusticeFicci’s Technical Director announced, at a press conference this Wednesday at the Training Center for Spanish Cooperation in Cartagena de Indias – CFCE – that “Interruptus” has a program that can be seen in person and in the open air of the city from Cartagena every whole. Moon night from this March 28 And even June 24, And it will consist of 25 feature films s 34 short films.

Given the permanent changes that the pandemic is imposing on the logistical front, as well as in terms of film distribution and itineraries, the festival will later reveal the programs planned for full moon nights between July and October.He commented.

The Ficci Interruptus It will take place in five venues – three fixed and two for travel – where Cartagena and visitors to the city will be able to converge around the big screen.

The Cartagena Historical Museum – Mohaka-, in the courtyard of the famous Inquisition Palace, it will host two shows every full moon day. The Announcement Square It will also be a double film day scene, and in alliance with the Carthaginian Navy, the Souls Bay Buquecine will be installed every night from the full moon between the months of March to October.

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Keep an eye out for neighborhoods around town and as part of Cinema in the neighborhoods One of the popular events in Ficci, the mobile cinema screen will arrive at the open stadiums of Canapote, Nelson Mandela, Caracoles, San Francisco, Almirante Colón, La Boquilla, San José de los Campanos, Las Palmeras, and the Rocky Sports Unit, reviving Valdes.

The various emblematic places of the city, from Castillo de San Felipe to Plaza de la Aduana, Getsemaní, some beaches and the wall, will be the fifth for “Boycott“. at Spanish Cooperation Training Center in Cartagena CFCE will hold a large number of face-to-face events such as the Academic Agenda, which can be followed in flow From the rest of the country.

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It will be the first honor for Terry Gilliam, I remember titles such as “The Life of Brian” (1979), “Brazil” (1985), “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” (1988), “12 Monkeys” (1995), “Death and Loathing in Las Vegas” (1998). ) Or his latest movie, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2018), a movie he had dreamed of for 30 years.

In recognition of his irreplaceable career, Ficci Interruptus It will be handed to this English nationalist, Catalina Silver India in hand filigree by the Herrera sisters, inheritors of the Mombux family of goldsmith’s traditions.

The event, along with a discussion, will be broadcast on the festival’s website and its night social networks March 27.

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“Full Moon Night” program

Each night it will also have a show of its short programs: Afro Cinema Show, Indigenous Cinema Show, Tierra Adentro, Cortizona, Cortos de Aqui, and Onda Corta.

Saturday, March 27th

“The Land of Honey” by Tamara Kotievska, Lyubomir Stefanov – Macedonia del Norte

Agusto (August) by Armando Cabo – Cuba / Costa Rica / France

Sunday 28 March

“Lara” to Jean-Ule Gerster – Germany

“Then we danced.” De Levan Akin – Georgia / Susiya

“Once Upon a Time in Venezuela, Congo Mirador” (Once Upon a Time in Venezuela) by Annabel Rodriguez Rios – Venezuela / UK / Austria / Brazil

Mother of Rodrigo Suruguen – Spain / France

“The sleepwalkers” (The sleepwalkers) Paula Hernandez – Argentina / Uruguay

“Ceniza Negra” (The Land of Ashes) by Sophia Quiros Ubeda – Costa Rica / France / Argentina / Chile

Tuesday 27 April

“Adoration” by Fabrice de Welles – Francia / Belgium

Alejandrino II’s burial (Alejandrino’s second burial) by Raul Soto Rodriguez – Colombia

“Blanco en blanco” by Theo Corte – Spain / Chile / Germany / France

“I Am The Last” by Oscar Campo – Colombia

The “Earth” by Nicholas Gerhalter – Austria

Tony Driver Di Ascanio Petrini – Italy / Mexico

Wednesday, May 26

This is not a burial, it is the resurrection of De Lemuhang Jeremiah Moses – Lesotho / Sudafrica / Italy

“Fourteen” (fourteen) Dan Salett – United States

“The Devil Takes You” (The Devil Takes You) by David Kofu – Colombia / Germany

“The last ones who saw them live” (The last to see them) de Sarah Somma – Germany

“Pamir Cinema” by Martin von Krogh – Sweden

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“La casa de Mama Icha” by Oscar Molina – Colombia / USA

Thursday, June 24

“Peace Fog” (Peace Fog) by Joel Stangl – Colombia

Sanctorum by Joshua Gil – Mexico / Dominican Republic / Qatar

“My Home” by Radu Ciorniciuc – Romania / Germany / Finland

“Robolove” by Maria Arlamowski – Austria

Anbessa by Mo Scarabelli – USA / Italy / Ethiopia

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