Carlos Melkonian will be Minister of Economy if Patricia Bullrich wins the election

presidential candidate Patricia Bullrich arrived on Monday In agreement with the economist Carlos Melkonian, Minister of Economy, in the event that “Together for Change” wins the elections.

Melkonian will have the challenge of confronting the economic proposals Javier Milly (La Libertad Avanza) who won as the candidate with the most votes in the PASO.

Last week, the presidential candidate Together for change The opposition bloc’s chief economists gathered in their offices in central Buenos Aires to unify the message about the space government’s plan and analyze the measures they are preparing to face the country’s delicate financial and social situation.. Bullrich emphasized that their primary goal is to achieve financial balance And moving forward in achieving monetary stability to reduce inflation.

In parallel with that, the presidential candidate finished the details of negotiating with him royalwho designed an economic plan under the wing of the Mediterranean Foundation Thought Center It was a political platform for Domingo Cavallo to join his team. The task is not easy.

Bullrich also wants the Melconian team to integrate with him Luciano Laspina, the economic reference for the former minister. Bullrich had suggested agreeing positions to pave the way for the merger of the former head of Bank Nation.

On Monday, the former minister is scheduled to meet with Mr royalThe country’s economist barely landed after his sojourn in the United States.

Will you announce that the former Macri advisor will eventually be the Minister of the Economy? The idea is to introduce him as a lead actor in Bullrich’s cast. They imagine it to be front man To fight with Miley in front of public opinion. Melkonian leads a team of 70 economists, and promotes shock with rationality. He rejects dollarization, the backbone of the libertarians, and plans to move toward a two-currency plan.

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In Bullrich’s environment they value his access to all positions of power and his close ties to the establishment. For months, the presidential candidate has been visiting the economist in his offices in central Buenos Aires to learn more about the country’s “comprehensive” economic plan. Mediterranean Foundation. Once the agreement is concluded with the former minister, Melkonian will lead the presentation of his proposal and its foundations. It will analyze, without going into detail, the central criteria intended for the eventual launch of the measures.

JxC economists summit with the presidential candidate

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