Canada, the educational choice for young Peruvians seeking professional development

The North American country is positioned as an attractive option for studies. Image: Action for the World

The search for professional development study opportunities is no longer limited to Peru only. Many young people are eager to leave the country to continue growing in that region and choose places such as Europe, United State And even Canadawhich in addition to being a developed country with high quality standards of life, has an important educational offer.

This country is located in north america It is one of the places where many people can immigrate to and find diverse job opportunities, security and the benefits of a first-class education. the Quality of services It is undoubtedly one of its strengths, among which the health system stands out, but the economic growth and its natural beauty, among others, can also be taken into account.

According to the 2022 US News & World Report, Canada was named the third best country in the world, after places like Switzerland and Germany. Likewise, The Economist magazine considered Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary as the most livable cities in the world.

On the other hand, the benefits at the personal level are also diverse. As shown Cristina Ramirez, KSS Canada Advisor to RPPChoosing this country as a place to study offers the possibility of improving one’s professional profile and getting to know new cultures.

Canada is also distinguished by its beauty. (stock struggle)

It is worth noting that KSS is Educational agency It is based in Canada and offers free and personal career advice to people who want to study language programs such as English language courses to improve their skills, university degrees, master’s degrees or diplomas in that country. Its educational offer extends to more than 500 programs, and because it is located in Canada, it has the potential to implement more flexible procedures through a better understanding of the country’s realities.

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It is worth noting that KSS works with Immigration lawyer To assist applicants in obtaining an approved visa, in addition to providing support in all legal procedures and obtaining documents, among other additional services related to residence, insurance, etc.

They evaluate Student profileAnd his interests and level of English because they are very important, after which he is provided with the best options and supported from the beginning until he proves himself in the country.

As Ramirez’s details… RPPNowadays, the most popular professions among applicants are information technology and programs such as elderly care, educational programs for elementary teachers, marketing, and others.

After completing the study, the graduate is awarded A work permit for three years OpensIn this way, you can apply for permanent residence and after two years the possibility of obtaining Canadian citizenship. Likewise, there is the option to travel with family or as a couple.

Ramirez also confirmed that it is possible that it will end Canada degree to be studied in Peru as long as the applicant has Intermediate level in English.

To access this type of advice there is no age limit, as it is aimed at undergraduates and postgraduates.

In the case of people who do not have an intermediate level of English, it is possible to travel to improve their language level through a language course, but only once in Canada It can be applied to another course when the level rises. There is also the option to access programs that require a low level of English.

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